2001 wr426 need help starting!

I know this has been discussed here before but everyone has said different ways to start the bike with different combinations of choke hot start and giving the bike throttle before start...

I've tried every combination trying to start my bike. I picked it up a few days ago and I'm seriously debating on selling it again because I cannot get the hang of it. The bike has a fully rebuilt engine top to bottom and has loads of compression, on top of that there is no decompression assembly on the bike... The guy I bought it off of said noone uses the decompression it's all just a technique you have to learn.

I've owned the bike for 3 days now and only started it twice once I started it I left the choke out for about a minute for it to start up then shut off the choke gave it some gas it bogged out and died I know it probably wasn't warmed up enough but after that happened I can't get it to start anymore I tried the hot start,choke no choke no hot start both together nothing. Does anyone have any tips on what I should do ?

Bike also has all free mods done like grey wire air box mod and aftermarket yoshimura exhaust and is jetted to match mods .

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