Just got a WR426!

I just wanted to check in and introduce myself. I just got a 2002 WR426, picked it up for $700 because it wasn't starting well or idling and the previous owner didn't want to work on it. I spent the afternoon today putting in a spark plug and cleaning the carburetor and it started right up on the first kick after that! It came with a rekluse clutch making it a much easier bike to learn on, since this is my first dirtbike. It has some other maintenance tasks that need done but for now I am pretty happy to have it running.



Lucky you!

Great buy Id say,

I bet youll have loads of funn!

WOW! GREAT buy! I paid $750 for mine and promptly had to send the whole top-end all over the country for rebuilding! I'm finally putting the final touches on the bike today for it's first post-rebuild startup (wish me luck!)- I also went a little nuts and got the yz seat & Acerbis tank to match. Congratulations!



Wow...that's a great deal. I thought getting my 2000 Wr400 for $900 was good, but you scored. For your first bike it has tons of power, so be careful. Be safe and have fun!

wow, what a deal... I paid $1700 for mine and it still needed the valves to be shimmed. Can't really find these bikes for less than what I paid...

Hell they're all in the 2200-2500 range. CDN$. For the same bike.

Thanks all. I took it out for a spin around the farm fields by my house this morning, this thing is lots of fun!

Congrats, have fun on your WR they are great bikes and fun to learn on. 

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! Over the last week I have changed the oil and filter, coolant, brake fluid, air filter, and epoxied the rear fender. I also found the bike had a pressure switch for the brake light that was not connected so I wired that up as well. I think the next big task is going to be rebuilding the suspension. The seals are leaking a bit and I am sure the oil is way past due for a change. I will probably take a break for a week or so before I tackle that and just enjoy the bike. I am planning to go find a real trail tomorrow to ride since so far I have been on dirt roads and farm fields.

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