2014 YZ450f. FWW or MAPPING?

I'm using the MotocrossAction map for my 2014 YZ450f,and I think it is perfect,with one exception.Going from idle to to the first crack of the throttle,there is a real abruptness in the hit.From what I've read, this seems to be inherent in the new 450's.It's not a major problem or anything,but if I can make it better.........So,has anyone had any luck tweaking the mapping for this issue?I've seen several posts talking all about FWW's for this bike,but I couldn't find a single post that talked about someone actually having used one.1480.JPG

Probably not what you're looking for.. But are you using the stock pipe? That pipe is a beast off the bottom end. I have a Dr.D on my bike now and the crazy bottle hit is gone. moved to mid top now.. 

just play with the mapping until you find what you like. you can go negative as well if you need too. 

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