Thumper Bar Riser web site?

Anyone know of a web site displaying the Thumper Bar risers? Are they cheaper than a new t-clamp? I'm 6'2 looking for some room. Can't find anything on Search engine searches. Thanks.


It's your world, I just play in it!

'00WR, WB E-Series S-Bend w/7 discs, Stock header, throttle stop trimmed, airbox cover removed. Stock jetting. 4500ft.

I believe has them..check out the damper photo section

I dont know of any pics on the web, but the riser just clamps into the stock bar position.

I use the 1.5" riser, and it make your riding position so much better. The $89 cost to function ratio is huge, i would say buy one yesterday. You wont regret it, and you will be able to stand and ride more comfortably and ride more aggressively.

Baja Designs website - check under Thumper Racing products. I think they have a pic.

Or do a search on my name and find the link to pics of my set up.


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