2007 yz 450 stock spring weight guideline

What weight is the stock spring good for?

I would say 175 t0 180 pounds. I weigh 190 and have an 08 450 and I just changed the springs in the forks and shock and it makes a world of difference. Now the suspension can work the way it was meant to be. I had clickers almost all the way in on compression on both ends.

Depends on what kind of riding is done, and the skill level/speed of the rider.  MX needs stiffer springs than off-road or desert, and B level riders need stiffer springs than C. 


Stock springs will usually work for people in the 170-185 pound range. 

Where can i buy a lightwr spring and how do i know what apring ro ask for im 150, without having someone else set it up

88motoman88 go to Racetech.com. There you can put in all of your stats and it will help direct you to what spring rates you can run as well as show the factory spring weight to see if you even need to change the springs out. I would go there and figure out what exactly you need then you can get a good deal buying from a distributor or Ebay. 

sent you a pm, i have the springs you need.

I didnt get any mail

Hey Adam, i tried to reply to your pm but it won"t go through. I already got rid of my old springs but thanks anyway. Keith

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