06 WR450F Electric Start Not Working.... Battery or Other?

Hey guys and gals, I bought a 2006 WR450F a few months ago and rode it 3 times and halfway through the last trip the elctric start just stopped working.It worked when I started the ride and when we stopped to take a break halfway through it didn't work. I press the button and it just makes a tick sound and the screen goes very dim like it always used to but it doesn't turn the engine over. Is this the battery that isnt outting out enough power to turn over the engine or is this something in the wiring or the starter or what? I have no clue what to do when it comes to electricity.

Sounds like the battery.. If you want a awesome replacement I will suffer the shorai. It's expensive but ice been running one on my dualsport wr for over 5 years and no trouble

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