Reluctantly selling 01 426

I'm sorry to say due to my second ruptured disk I am forced to sell my true love my 426. I have spent a lot of time and money working on it. It has a big gun exhuast, pro action suspension mods, nickle plated talon hubs and black excel rims. I also have the stock wheels complete with dunlop 739 tires like new. I have applied racing triple clamps and renthal twin walls, Renthal O-ring chain and many renthal sprockets. This bike looks better than new and it runs like Tim Ferry's bike. I am asking $6000 because of the spare rims and misclainous other parts but I am negotiable to a certain extent. Like I said it is breaking my heart to sell it but I do want to be able to play with my children someday. If you are interested please feel free to drop me a line at

Thank you

Kyler Haun

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I also have a Dr D hot start!

Take Heart MXRacer,

I too gave up racing/riding for 6 loooonngg yrs. Had C 4,5,6 fused, disc sectomy(?) C7-T1.. I finally couldnt take it anymore. The little woman bought me a WR426. But no more tracks or doubles for me. You'll be back, just different style of riding!


I would also be willing to sell the complete stock wheels seperate.

I'm interested in the stock rims. What do you want for them. Sorry but you can sell the stock 739 to someone else. I hated them. I assume you did too.

email me will the price and where your located. Im in Dallas, TX

I saw your bike at the Parts Place...pretty sweet ride. How much would you sell the back rim/wheel for? I landed on a big jagged rock jumping those new big jumps in the back of Berthoud and bent the sh@# out of mine. I've got an '02 426 that I bougght new from Fort Collins Motosprts in November. Sorry to hear of your back. I broke my ankle pretty bad a couple years back and didn't ride for 8 months, that sucked.

the stock one?

I will be working at parts place tomorrow if you want to stop in and chat

How much for the custom wheels?, I'd guess you'll get no more for the bike with them, so you might as well sell the good ones.

I have close to $1000 dollars in the rims and hubs the hubs are nickle plated magnesium. How does $750 sound?

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