2014 YZ450f breather hose size

Anyone know what the ID is on this hose? I want to order a slip in filter for it but can't find the size.


Ever consider measuring it?  It should be 12mm (1/2"). 

Ever consider measuring it? It should be 12mm (1/2").

I did consider measuring it. I'm stuck abroad at them moment without access to the bike. I wanted to order the filter so it would be there when I get home. I also understand the annoyance of people asking simple questions for things they can easily figure out with just a little effort.

I appreciate the measurement and response.

Not annoyed.  :thumbsup:

Just for informational purposes I bought a push in type filter to use for the breather tube; a UNI UP-123. It's a bit small for the hose though; lots of wiggle room and not even close to being snug as the clamp visibly deforms the hose to close the gap. Wondering if a 5/8 will be a better fit.

The 2014 has a ID of 14mm so it is probably closer to 5/8

Thanks. No biggie really. I'll get a 5/8 filter, give it a shot and post the results so it's available via the search engine for future query.

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