St Joe State Park

Just wanted start out by saying, what an awesome site! I bought my first 4 stroke (02 426), I really like it even after 20 years on two strokes. I'm learning a lot by reading this site.

I'm planning a trip down to Farmington to ride in St Joe State Park. I've been there 5 times with my 2 strokes. I'm wondering if I'll have trouble with a decibel level restriction? Is it enforced there? I'd hate to go all the way down there and not be able to ride!

I've never been there. Is it nice? Ever been to Meadow Valley?

It's an great place to ride. There's woods trails and lots of whooped out sand areas to lay out moto tracks. It's approximately 1600 or so acres. The people are friendly and it's only like $2 per bike per day to ride.

Can you give me directions?


I ride St. Joe almost every weekend. I have a 99 400 with the stock exhaust and have never been told it is too loud. They did raise the riding fee though, it is now $3 to ride all day. I live about 40 minutes from there.

Thanks for the info. The last time I was there, four years ago I didn't recall the park rangers monitoring the noise regulation (on the Missouri State Park website it said that the max db level is 86!). $3 is still a bargain!

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