Rear Suspension problems!

My rear suspension is completey off...please help.

It has an a serious amount of free sag. After the free sag it seems to hit a hard spot. It also does not always spring back up all the way...seems to stick. I turned my compression and rebound adjusters all the way in and it got real stiff so I assume the shock is working. How can I pin point the problem?

Have you ever taken your rear suspension completely off and lubed everything?

A starting point is to return all the clickers to stock, pull the shock out and check your linkage. Grease everything with good waterproof grease. Look in your manual on the shock spring lenght, you may need to add more preload. But since you said it was sticking, I'd point at the linkage. Hope that helps. I sevice my linkage every couple months, its not fun, but it will definatley help handling problems.

I have only greased the linkage once in a year so I assume that could be the problem. I am going to try evrything you mentioned and see what happens. Thanks for your help!

JeffYZ: If you have too much free sag, the problem may be with your spring rate. Do you have the correct spring for your weight. I think too much free sag means the spring rate is too stiff. (Suspension gurus, is this correct?)

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