YZ 426f

Hey everyone I was searching for a bike and came across a 2001 Yzf 426 for about $1700. The bike seems to be in good condition but I was wondering if that's a fair price to pay it seems like a rather old bike. Also, is there anything I should look for when going to take a look at it? I'm moving up from a Yamaha RT100.

They are tough bikes to start very heavy you are better off with an early 450 02-03 crf450 are great bikes as are early yz450f 426 haa decompression lever and a ritual to start compared to a 450 and 1700 is too much seattle area can get decent early 450 for under 1700

Pros: They're well built, reliable bikes with a lot of power across the whole RPM range. I love being able to crack the throttle in any gear and have the power there.

Cons: They're top heavy and don't turn very well. They are hard to start for the first few rides until you get used to it. Some parts are becoming harder to find. They're a pain in the tight woods and singletrack trails.

My 2002 426 was my first dirtbike and it has been great. I'll probably keep it forever, but I'm starting to get sick of the crappy steering, no flywheel weight, and overall heaviness. The engine pulls like a tractor, though.

I can't comment on the price because I havent seen your bike. For reference I got my 2002 bone stock in decent shape for $1850 Canadian last spring and it came with a few hundred bucks worth of brand new gear and extra goodies.

... you are better off with an early 450 02-03 crf450 are great bikes ...


???  If you like adjusting and replacing valves, crank seals, and balancer shaft bearings, I suppose they are, but I certainly wouldn't spend $1700 on one, nor would I recommend one over a 426 (or much else).  What you get with the YZF is unarguably the most reliable bike in its class by a rather large margin.  Whatever other shortcomings it may have, that is an endearing feature.


The decompression lever/starting ritual thing is overblown as any kind of real problem, and the early CRF's were every bit as cantankerous as any 426 when the carb wasn't just right.  With the carb tuned properly, you can quickly learn to start a 426 in one or two most every time.  If you want, you can ditch the manual decompression by installing an aftermarket cam with the current auto decompression system built in for under $200 and an hour's work.

Thanks everyone for the help, maybe this will give a little more insight. Here's a picture of the bike with a description of the supposed work done to the bike:

valves were shimmed,

auto decopression cam,

new piston kit,

cylinder was honed,

new oil pumps and sump pump,

ALL gaskets and o rings replaced.

full exhaust was heat wrapped

shorty muffler sounds amazing

the chain and chain rollers are good, sprockets are still like new, new rear brakes front still have good life left, tires are good and always hold air. FLU designs graphics and renthal bar other than that its stock.

the thing starts right up with no problems despite the rumors. thats because the valves are perfectly in spec and the auto decomp cam makes a world of difference. its just like starting a 250 2 stroke except you have an awesome power band. with 45hp it will pull out from under u if u aren't paying attention. INSTANT THROTTLE RESPONSE NO BOG



Looks good but I usually shy away from engines that have been completely stripped down and rebuilt. I feel like it is a sign of neglect by the previous owner that lead to a catastrophic failure of some sort. In reality a rebuilt engine can be just as good as a brand new engine if it's been done properly.

The header wrap and shorty muffler also seem like things a 16 year old squid would do to a bike.

Just my two cents. I would personally try to get a bike as close to stock as you can find/afford. And make sure to get the ownership with it.

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