Yz 450f fair price?

Hey guys so I've recently been looking to upgrade and not really sure which bike would be my best fit. I'm not too knowledgeable on the mechanics but was looking as a 2004 yz 450f for $1400. Sounds like a fair price and starts first kick. Is there anything I should be looking at in specific for this bike and is the price fair or too much?

Also, what could be other options for upgrading seeing as my pockets aren't deep and I'm not trying to spend a ton at the shop 2 weeks after buying.

Don't hate on me for saying this but....get a two stroke IF you are wallet conscious,I had a cr125 and everyone was like don't get a four stroke,well I did and trust me it's a money pit,but to each to his own

Just my 0.2 anyway

I hear you I own a 2 stroke currently and it still seems like a money pit. At the same time tho I'm not sure if this could be an easy steal and possibly an investment as the bike could easily be sold at same price in another 2 years. Or am I wrong for thinking this way?

Depends on the condition.  The Gen1 ('03-'05) YZ450f is no more reliable than a sundial or the average manhole cover, but they are undeniably a class leader in that regard.  Nevertheless, it's older, and you don't really know where it's been.  When I sold mine, I was the second owner, and it had over 300 hours on it with never a single bit of trouble, never even needed a valve adjustment. 


They are kind of a handful; very, very aggressive power right off the bottom, and the fork isn't the best thing Yamaha ever did.  It's also a 4 speed, which is actually not as limiting as it sounds, but the 5 speed is really more versatile. 


The worst that could happen? The valves may have closed to zero and been shimmed back to clearance, which could set you up to at least need a valve job right away, or maybe drop one on the run and do $2300 worth of engine damage.

I wouldn't trade my 09 for anything even though it has cost me a bundle. That being said as usual Gray hit the nail on the head. It could run great for 5 min or 5 years and cost a little or a lot. A bike that old has a lot of typically unknown history. Personally if u buy it, I'd at minimum plan to put a timing chain in it. I do it for just a little peace of mind when I buy one regardless of what the previous owner tells me.

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