450 Pipe

I would like to get a new pipe for my 450. I am mostly concerned with taking weight off. I really don't need any more power, but I would sure like a lighter bike. Noise is not an issue up here yet, but I don't want to be any louder then the stocker uncorked. Any suggestions?

I am running the Thunder Alley. It's a lot lighter than stock and it rips! But it is way too loud! If I had it to do over and I am still thinking of doing it, I would buy the FMF-Q pipe.


I bought a never used stock YZ450F pipe for $45 from a Guy on the YZ side of TT it saves about 4 pounds. It is quieter then my FMF power core IV that was on my WR400. You will need to buy they mounting stuff for the pipe around $10.

I have an FMF Q on my 2003 YZ450F and love it. I believe it is about 1 lb lighter than the stock one.

Does any one know what the stock pipe weighs? How about the YZ450's weight? Dealer did not hve a clue :)

Get a YZ 450 Pipe off of ebay. I picked up two of them. I put a pro moto billet end cap on one of them and have the other as a spare in case I smash it. It totally increases power accross the entire range. You can get the YZ pipe for easily well under 100 bucks.

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