Just bought a new Carryover YZ426F and its a bit** to start!!

The Yamaha dealer just delivered my new carryover YZ426F and I rode it for the first time today for 15 minutes, killed it, and couldnt get it restarted. It took 30 minutes of kicking to get it started the first time. They did not show me how to start it, so there must be a trick. If it doesnt get any better than this I will sell it and buy a WR450F w/ electric start. I called the dealer and they said to bring it in and they would show me how to start it, it had a "trick" to it they said, and it would fire right up. I am a big guy 6'2" 230 lbs, so I am fairly shure I am strong enough to kick it. whats wrong fellas?

Getting it just past TDC is the key, and kick with muscle not weight.

I used to use my weight on a KX500, that style does NOT work with the thumpers, the trick is to get just past tdc, then get the lever at the top, then kick through a complete rotation.

It should just pass another tdc when your leg is almost fully extended on the kick, it'll fire right at that point.

You didn't say where you live or what the temp was. I just bought a WR400 and am learning the drill. It's cold here in Michigan (20 - 30 F) and I have found that 4 to 6 "squirts" and a couple of kicks to start.

Once it's warm it starts one kick without the hot start button.

I've read some things that suggest that I am lean, but the temp does have an effect do I'm still trying to figure it out.

Hope this helps, good luck.

Learn the drill and you'll save yourself a ton of heartache. Also, if you flood it, change the plug. When I first got mine, I kicked mine on and off for 3 days before my neighbor came over and said "you'll never start it now, change the plug". One kick and it lit right off.

Also, for some reason If I start mine in cold weather and don't let it completely warm up, it's a pain in hte A$$ to start again. Let it warm up completely if you start it.

Here's the drill:

Kick it over until it starts up on compression. That's when the kickstarter will stop. Once it's stopped, pull in the compression release, and push the kickstarter about 1 inch. Release the comp release. Return the kickstarter to the top of the stroke. Keeping your hand off the throttle, kick it through. If it's jetted right and you have a good plug, it'll start.


Thanks Fellas, I REALLY Appecite all the help :D I live in Kansas and it was a 60 degree day today. Bike ran really strong until I killed it and then :) Where do you guys ride in Colorado?

from MXA.com:

Riding Tips


There is no doubt that the Yamaha YZ-F will encourage lots of new riders into the four-stroke fold. The rite of passage for any neophyte four-stroke rider is starting one of the beasts. The golden rule--tattoo this on your forehead is: "Thou shall not touch the throttle at any time during the starting process."

If you are smart, you will do exactly what we tell you. If you’re not smart...good luck.

Step one: With the transmission in neutral, turn the gas on and pull the choke out.

Step two: Kick the engine through slowly until you come to the hard spot (where the kickstarter will not move). This is called "bringing it up on compression."

Step three: Once you have brought it up on compression, follow these three steps: (1) Pull the compression release in. (2) Move the kickstarter about one inch past compression. Do not move the kickstarter so far that the piston goes through compression and moves too far down into its intake stroke. A little dab will do ya. (3) Once you have nudged the piston over top dead center, allow the kickstarter to return to the top of its arc.

Step four: Release the compression release.

Step five: Kick with a steady but full stroke (from the top of the kickstarter’s arc all the way until the kickstarter hits the footpeg). If you did everything as prescribed, the YZ-F will start. However, if you touched the throttle, it will not.

Throttle tip: instead of holding onto the throttle with your right hand, hold onto the brake master cylinder.

Hot starting tip: Pull the hot start button out and follow steps one through five. Push the hot start button in as soon as the engine starts.

Cold start tip: Before you start the YZ-F for the first time, give the throttle two little blips. This will put a small dose of fuel into the top-end. No more than two blips. Never blip the throttle before starting a hot or warm engine.

Enemy tip: If you don’t own a YZ-F but want to ruin the day of a YZ-F rider who you don’t particularly like, go over to his unstarted YZ and give the throttle four or five healthy twists. The accelerator pump will fill the engine with fuel and it won’t start until the following Thursday.

The word: The Yamaha YZ-F isn’t the easiest starting full-size four-stroke engine made--that honor goes to the KTM 520SX or anything with an electric starter, but the YZ-F will start every time--if you follow the drill..

I'm assuming you mean where in the winter? We had about 5 TTers out at the local track on Saturday. Perfect day, great traction, better friends.

During the summer, the riding here is almost endless...

I have some pictures, but no way to post 'em...


First of all....... Welcome to TT!

By your description, you "stalled" the engine. When this happens, it's alot like flooding it. In that situation, you need to hold in the compression release and give it about 10-15 kicks. The next kick, do the routine to getit past TDC and it should start right up. When you stall, do not "blip" the throttle, that will only make it harder to start.

Eventually, you'll find the best start-up drill that works for you in all the different circunstances... cold start, hot start, starting after stalling, and starting after the pesky nieghbor kid sat on your bike and blipped the throttle a couple dozen times!

Good luck, and good riding!


Once you get the technique right, they start really easily. I can start mine sitting on the seat wearing sandles :)

Compared to my 2 smoke with a leaky bottom end, the 426 is a dream to start


Thanks Fellas, I really appreciate all the help. I am glad I found a new bulletin board, I used to be into Grand Nationals and sold them all. Now my sons and I are getting into a little motocross action. See you guys around!

First down twist the throttle on the bike when trying to start it!

Here is some advice to make starting a simple thing on the bike:

1. buy and install a yz450 cam, new cam chain tensioner gasket and plug from VibeGuy (or the 450 plug for removal of the decompression system on the bike and from the head).

2. Buy a ZipTyRacing fuel screw

3. Check the accel pump squirt and adjust as needed according to the BK mod.

4. Buy a JD jetting kit.

All that makes the bike start like a 2 stroke. The DrD hotstart setup on the handlebars also makes using the hotstart simple. no reaching down on the carb.

If you have questions on any of those points there, search the YZ4xx forum.

My bike hasn't been touched for 4 months. I brought it out Saturday morning in the cold and it fired up on the 4th kick. (With the decrompression sequence prior to each kick that is)


My bike hasn't been touched for 4 months. I brought it out Saturday morning in the cold and it fired up on the 4th kick. (With the decrompression sequence prior to each kick that is)


Me too, three kicks though. And I gave the throttle three twists. :)

I just bought a brand new 02 wr426 about a month ago. I had no idea how to start it. The second day I had the bike I just about kicked my leg off and was extreamly unhappy about not knowing how to start it. Then after reading info on TT I guess it sank in because it starts on the first kick almost every time hot or cold now. Its all in the technique!! :)

I NEVER touch the throttle, I did that once, never again

Should of picked up the 450 instead. I saw 8 426 carry overs in 03 and new it wasn't worth the savings. Push the button and don't look back!

Since he bought a YZ, he wouldn't have the e-start with the YZ450 and he'd have a 4-speed.

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