Best place to shop for tires?

I need new tires and i wanted to know where i should shop. I know what i want, but I'm not sure if I'm getting ripped off.

I get mine from

Rocky Mtn is the cheapest I've seen. :)




Bret, I bet you get yours at Chaparral. :)

Im still running on the stock tires.. lol. I'll order mine from Rocky mtn as well.. awesome prices. Chapparal seems to be 20% higher on EVERYTHING than everybody else.

I use

If you order 2 or more tires there is no shipping charge. They are about $5.00 higher than but az charges $9.95 per tire shipping.

dennis kirk will beat anyone's price by a dollar, including shipping on tires! just an fyi

That's what I think every time I want a new tire but, when I want one I loose my mind and just get it. I was poking fun sense you live so close to Chaparral. :)

RockyMountain, so far! :)

Yesterday I ordered 3 tires from and today I got them....great service. :)

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