2003 wr450f hard to start after valve adjustment

Alright so I did a valve adjustment yesterday. This was my first time messing with a 4 stroke. Everything went great, I also changed the oil. My battery doesnt have enough juice for e-start. It took forever to kick start it, but when running it sounded great motor is a little more quite. I will be taking it out this weekend for a ride to make sure it is riding correct. I also thought the bike had more vibration in the handle bars at idle.

I am looking for things to keep an eye on. I will be checking the jets on the carb soon too and cleaning it. Any help is appreciated.

I will be trying to get some time tonight to see if my timing is off by a tooth maybe I over looked it. I would think if both intake and exhaust are both off by a tooth it would make it hard to start. This could be causing the vibrations too?

I have been trying to read up on different forums. Will be posting up info if i get to it tonight and try to get pics up.

Probably the timing

Fixed the problem. When I installed the cams last time it moved from tdc and i was off a tooth each. After reinstalling the gas tank it started in 4 kicks.

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