Question / Help on a specific brand of Mirrors...

There are mirrors that don't come in a set and are sold individually. They don't have the triditional long 5 to 6 inch stem they sit like little round mirrors on your handle bars. I guess they are held on with a clamp or something. I can't remember the brand name or website.

Any Ideas??



Yep these are the ones!!

I wanted to give them a try since I keeped breaking the factory ones. I broke two of them last season. I think these might do the trick, as long as my body itsn't blocking the rear view.


Thanks for the link.

Tks guys I just ordered a set.

I'm looking forward to not having to replace any more factory or aftermarket mirrors!


You guys ever try bugeyes. its a motorcycle mirror thingy for your helmet. :)

I have tried one brand of aftermarket mirror, can't remember the name, but it vibrates way more than stock. The parts guy at my dealership warned me to stick with stock Honda. Next time i'm in there i'll see what brand I have and let you know what to stay away from.

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