TTR90 mods

I guess that is what I have to look forward to. My son just turned 7 a month ago and can do some small doubles...about 2 feet of air. Your son looks a good 4-5 feet up! My son saw those pictures and of course now he wants to jump something...ANYTHING. We have a small "track" in our back yard and I have been considering putting in some jumps. How did you build them? Is it just dirt or is something underneath the dirt?

Those pics are from our backyard track, too. I built all of the jumps by hand with a shovel and wheel barrow. Some of the jumps do have "filler" material underneath to make less work for my back! I've used rock, pallets and anything else laying around that I really don't have any other use for. Doing that also makes it easier for me to keep changing the stuff around. Ryan started on the TTR at 8 yrs. old and our first obstacles were safe doubles and step up/downs. I think by starting out small he was able to build his confidence as his skill improved. I'm really eager to see what he can do with the new suspension. He hasn't had a chance to even ride with it yet.

This was this past weekend after my son saw your pictures. He started clearing a 30 foot table top. Yikes!


In your opinion, did the suspension upgrades do a lot for his ability/confidence? I guess what I'm saying is, does it work? We have a KX60, but my son still prefers his TTR because of the non-clutch.

KOOL! :)

That's a great looking jump! It's been really muddy here so he has only been able to ride once since we put the new suspension on. He says it's much better. It really made the TTR stand up straight! I know the stock stuff would bottom with a deafening "crack" that would make me cringe. This stuff has yet to bottom (or even close). To me, he looks more comfortable and the gas rear shock behaves more controlled than that pogo-stick stocker. I ordered the 95 main jet and 15 pilot the other day. We are using the Pro Circuit T4 pipe. I think it should be about the same (I hope) Did he notice that much difference in the jetting change? I know the pipe alone made a huge difference but re-jetting should clean it up a little. We are going to get all we can out of the TTR this season until he just flat outgrows it. Then we will make the switch to the little KX. I agree that the friendly power and no clutch of the TTR makes it more fun for the novice rider who is still learning all the fundementals!


How the heck did you move that clip on the rear shock. I tried but dont see how its done.

It's on page 3-13/3-14 in the manual. I will try to scan it and post it next week.

I will try to paraphrase.

1)Remove the shock completely.

2)Take off the spring guide(piece of metal that the spring rests on) You need to compress the spring a bit to do this.

3)Once you do this you can move the whole spring assembly and you will see 2 "grooves". one has a doesn't.

4)Move the clip to the other position.

5)Re-install spring and spring guide(Not easy, by the way if you are like me a do no have a spring compressor)

6)Install shock.

I did all this with common tools and a bit of frustration.

Yea I have the manual but couldnt really understand. I figured you would have to compress the spring. I'll try that and see if I can get it off.

Thanks for the help

You do have to compress the spring. You can rent a spring compressor if you want to but I did it in a bench vise. It didn't make much difference anyway. We ended up with a Works shock. What a difference!!! It's like a whole different bike.

Does the Works shock give it any more travel on the rear? The Stock is only 3.7"

$300.00 is a LOT of cash for one component on a $1000.00 bike. Is it worth it?

Yea I saw that too. 300.00 for the shock. Forget that.

The Works shock did raise the rear of the bike about 1 1/2 inches and it does have more travel. It really made a huge difference on the bike and when my son outgrows the bike I will put all of the stock stuff back on and sell the bike as stock. Everything else goes on ebay. You don't see many Works shocks on ebay and when you do they go for pretty big bucks. I won't be out that much money on the deal. It is a lot of money though, but I'm glad we did it. Worth every penny in my opinion.

If you buy the BBR springs just one word of caution...THE ARE STIFF!!!!

Big Mo is that the pee wee track at durhamtown?If so it's a cool place huh?I've got to sons the little loves the pee wee track and the older one loves the big tracks! :)

It is at Durhamtown. Have you been there lately? If you haven't, you are in for a big surprise the next time you go.

For those of you who don't live in the SouthEast, the peewee track at this place is INCREDIBLE!!! It is about .7 miles long with every obstacle that a real MX/SX track would have.(Only smaller)

Check out the website at

It is truly an incredible place.

I just ordered the 15 and the 95 jets and the twin air filter for it. I will grab the pipe in a week or so.

BigMo, I looked in the manual for the shock set up you talked about in your post but it is not in the manual on mine. It is an 02 ttr and I searched the manual but nothing.

Also how about a pic of your airbox mod.

I will try to scan the pages and post them. The airbox mod for us was simply taking out the rubber snorkel. I'm not sure if this bike needs more air than that.

Did you put the stock amount of 15wt(64cc)in the forks? and what do you think about booster springs or spacers to revive the tired old springs...


I didn't see anything in the 2000 manual, but when I took the spring off there it was, a 2nd groove to stiffen up the rear end, there is also an adjuster screw inside the fork cap to preload the spring, you probably have one as well... Now I just need to figure out how to re-compress the shock spring???

Did you put the stock amount of 15wt(64cc)in the forks? and what do you think about booster springs or spacers to revive the tired old springs...


I used 1" spacers on the front springs , i cut two with a hole saw out of polyurathane(sp?) and put under the nut that holds the spring in. I also used 15 wt oil and it made a huge diffrence. I think that the shocks originaly had a couple of drops of oil :):D, yama must have did it to save $$$.

I compressed the rear spring with 2 large screw drivers and slid the retainer back in, be careful and dont stand over it or look over it incase it comes loose it could knock your teeth out.

these mods make a huge diffrence and there extremely cheep, I would have bought new springs but my kid is just about to move on to bigger stuff.

good luck

John :D

Thanks!...Did you use the 64cc of 15wt per leg listed in the manual?

and the adjuster screws on top of the spacers??

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