02 yz426 question

Got a question for everybody. I was on vacation and while I was away my buddy took out my Supermoto and attempted to do a burnout at a stoplight in first gear. And having no idea what the hell he was doing my buddy told me he tried to get it spinning in first but never unhook the tire and just basically burned on my clutch. I came home and tried to go out for a ride the other day and realize that when I went to put my bike in first gear it stalled out. I eventually managed to get it going by giving it a whole bunch of throttle while putting it into first gear but obviously something's banged up. I was just wondering because I'm kind of a newbie maintenance wise if anybody knows what he may have done by doing what he did. I have yet to take the clutch cover off and look at the innards but a few people are telling me that he may have warped my shit. So I guess what my question is is asking you guys possibilities of what you think is wrong with it and if it does need a new clutch what is my best option to go with as a replacement. I'm not sure if om is good or I wouldn't even mind going for some sort of performance upgrade but I do not know what the best brand is to go with. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated thanks a lot guys.


Probably just a set of plates burned and warped.  But do yourself a favor: buy genuine Yamaha plates.  You'll be dissatisfied with the bargain brands.


If it got really hot, order a set of replacement springs, too.

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