Enigne Ice Coolant

I have a sponsorship with Engine Ice, I ran it in my 00 YZ 250 (2-stroke). Have any of you ran it in the 400's or 426's. What kind of results did you have?

i ran water wetter in my wr400 at the end of last season cuz i was overheating and losing coolant late in harescrambles... i got a catch tank too.

it still overheated it if got too slow, but was WAY less prone to overheating... i think it made it run better... i ran a mix of WW, water, and coolant. i know it will lower temps another 10 degrees or so if you run it with straight water.

(i heard water wetter and engine ice were the same thing by different companies, so i hope this helps)

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Engine Ice is definitly a good and proven product. I ran it in my 400, and it helped allot.

So your sponsered,How about a sample bottle I will try it send me some. :)

To Hell with Engine Ice...the owner, Dave, came on here a few months ago extolling the virtues of his product, saying that he would send out free samples to those who wanted to see how excellent it was. He disappeared shortly thereafter, and to my knowledge never sent out any free samples. I will use the competition's product, if it proves to be a favorable additive. I was always told "A man is as good as his word". Now if someone standing behind a product doesn't keep his/her word, what does that tell you about the legitimacy of the product?

Originally posted by UNCHeelYeah:

I was always told "A man is as good as his word". Now if someone standing behind a product doesn't keep his/her word, what does that tell you about the legitimacy of the product?

You have a point! I was going to try some, but I am not sure about it now. I must have missed all that. I will take a sample to, what do you say??? ~Hitman~

I followed that thread very closely. I'll reserve my opinions to myself how the arguments went (as I'm not a real roll model either).. But it convinced me to try it, with great results.I will keep using it..


Engine Ice and Water Wetter are NOT the same thing.

Do a search on engine ice, there was a long thread about it a month or two ago. It was started by the the owner of engine ice.

Steve T

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Im currently running Engine ice in my 01' 426 and it works like a charm, seriously.It seems to have lowered the temps in the bike at least 10 -20 %.just my opinion

COOL, (no pun intended) thanks for the input!

Im with SoCal on this one. Although I have overheated my WR426 with EngineIce. If your crawling up a nasty switchback hill all day in the summertime the bike will overheat no matter what you put in there but EI has been good to me otherwise.

That tread was really nasty. So many guys just beat that guy to a pulp. On the internet you're always going to be faced with someone who's a chemist or scientist to try to prove to you that your product is "snake oil". I too followed the tread and thought that it was great to have an owner of a product talk to us. Just because he didn't have all the answers doesn't really make it a bad product. It works for me...

Dan :)

I have been using engine ice in my '01 YZ426 for over a year. I live down here in southern Florida and I haven't had any problems with this coolant. I mostly ride MX but also allot of woods. The only time I over heated was when I was sitting still inching my way forward while cutting a trail. Any coolant would have failed in those conditions!! To me, as long as it's on the shelf, it's the only coolant I'll run.

PS.... I used to run the Water Wetter too. No comparison. That stuff works in hopped up cars much better than in race bikes!!

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