Stator testing



Im in the middle of testing my stator, with ohm setting. My pick up coil is about 255ohm so seems ok.


My quseetion is i have a yellow wire and white wire. In the manual is says test them to ground, but then i read on anther wr450 post low ohm readings from either of these wires to ground is bad, can i just confirm this as at the moment i have very low readings to ground off either wire.





One reason you haven't had an answer to this is likely to be that we don't know what year your bike is. 


But answering for an '07, the white lead is for the charging system, and the yellow is the headlight feed.  The white should show 0.288 - 0.432 Ω to ground, and the yellow should read 0.224-0.336 Ω to ground. 


Yes, low readings on either of these would indicate a fault, but only if the readings are below the specified range.  Since you are working with less than half an ohm, and in a very narrow range of resistance, be sure your meter is correct and being read correctly. 


It's also significant to remember that the yellow and white are on two separate circuits. 

Remember, if your multimeter does no have a setting lower than the typical 20 ohms, it won't be accurate enough to be useful.

It will give you +/- 50% error or more.


You need a meter that can do LCR measurements (component level precision mesurements) or states that it does .1 ohm +/-  15% error.

Ahhhhh Cool it's a 2003 and yea your advice is the same as my manual just wanted to make sure. I have a millimetre so it's cool.

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