Riding near Philadelphia?

Hello everybody,

I live in a suburb near Philadelphia and I am looking for somewhere new to ride. The place I always used to ride was a dense forest with miles of trails about 6 months ago and when I went there to ride my new CR, all I can see is heavy equipment tracks and piles of cut-down trees. Most a shame that that place doesn't exist anymore because now a lot of kids in the area don't have a place to ride.

I mean, there wouldn't be the gangs of people riding dirt bikes and quads on the streets(as you've probably seen on YouTube)if they had a place to ride them like this!

Does anybody know about any trails within something like a 50 mile radius? I've heard about a trail near the coatesville airport but have never been there.

If you want a nice place to ride, look into Reading Anthracite.  It's $125.00/year for the permit and you are required to have insurance on your vehicle.

Tons of trails.  It's just a little farther than 50 miles.

Bob K. 

Also further than 50 miles is rausch creek it's more expensive than rac but fully staffed and has 8500 acres. If something happens they'll come get you

I too live in a Philly suburb. I haven't found any place to ride closer than FRO/RAC, up in the St Clair/Pottsville area. There are occasional events that are closer, by my main riding is done by hauling the bikes up to St Clair. Its a bit under two hours each way for me.

A bit farther are AOAA, Rauch Creek and others.

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