problems hot-starting my 85 XR6hundy

ok, here's how it breaks down. she's a pain to start cold (big surprise, eh?) and she runs a bit rough when cold. but once she's warmed up she'll run hard and strong all day.

the problem is when i stop for a break or something. if i re-start right away (2-4 minutes) then there's no problem. but if i wait a little longer, 10 minutes for example, then she won't start for love or money.

the carb is finally squared away. the valves are witin tolerance. and i've recently replaced the ignition coil. so i'm thinking she could be out of time (she doesn't knock or ping) or, alternately she may have a bum stator. i'm a man of limited mechanical skill and ambition, so i want to get some good advice as to where to start.

any ideas?



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