Yz transmission issues

Hay guys what's up. Here's the deal In the last six months I've stripped out 3rd gear on my yz 450 and 250 2 stroke transmissions. I've been riding racing over 15 years. Im a A rider and have never had these issues before. Someone at the track I was talking to was saying I may be riding the shifter without knowing it. I'm meticulous about my maintenance so I know it's not related to that. The only thing is sometimes I do shift down at the end of a long moto without the clutch all the way in I suppose. Who doesn't right ? I rode Hondas for 7 years and no transmission problems. I do run 80w tranny oil ether bel-Ray gear saver or pro Honda 80w red bottle. And always put a tad more than manual says. Is there any coatings or chrome that can be done the make the gears stronger. What do the factory's do ? Can something be done here on am I just to hard on the transmission ?

After a bunch of hours, the 3rd/drive driven and 4th drive/driven gears start to flake apart in my YZ and WR's


I now polish the gearset before re-installing



You say 'stripped' so I assume you mean the gears, but maybe you mean the shift dogs on the gears?


They go from poor shifting habits.

Thanks. Been doing a lot reading on here and it sounds like I'm not the only one thats had problems. Ive never considered transmissions a ware item on a bike. But I looks like after some time they do need to be replaced. Ive decided that when you're bike needs a crank, you may as well replace the gears to. I don't ever want to split my engine a month after it was done again. Live and learn right !!!!!

What do you use to polish your gears if I may ask ? I'm assuming you use a dremmle type tool ?

"Polishing" won't help as much as learning to make the shifts quick and clean, with or without the clutch.  When you shift, move the lever quickly and positively from one gear to the next.  This gives the locking lugs less time to bash each other repeatedly during the gear change.


Below is 4th gear from my '06 with over 300 hours on it.



Wow the dogs still look good. You can see on mine the corner of the dog is worn at like a 90 degree angle. I'm just going to except the fact that the way I ride beats the shit out a transmission and i can only put 200 hrs max on them! If you want to play you must pay ! But at 36 this is the last time I plan on splitting the case.

What type of oil do you run

Have you looked into REM coatings for the tranny gears, haven't done it to my bike yet but it's supposed to help a lot with wear

I've talked to a guy about cryoheat. It's what the factory teams do. But 400.00 $ ouch Im considering buying a new bike but 9000.00 is even more ouch !!!

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