E Series Rekindles the Love

Well I was about ready to sell my old 600 and move on in life. I had a stock pipe with a WB Hot Tip for two years and it was great in the woods around Portland. After moving back to Spokane where we have dry sandy hills I needed more. The hills at the local park aren't huge, but the old 600 struggled to climb them in third. Friday I got my new E series and bolted it up. Looked sweeeeet :D Now after two days I am way :D Those hills I struggled up in third before are now wheelie material with RPMs to burn. I didn't think a pipe would make this big of a difference, but the fun factor is definitely up :) I ordered my pipe from Rocky Mtn. and for 219 I got the pipe w/shipping and a free air filter to fit my Uni cage. Can't beat that :D

It's good to hear the WB E-Series did the trick for you. I like Rocky Mountain ATV :)

how loud is it?

Well it is kinda loud, but not the level my old SuperTrapp was. I had a stocker with a WB tip that was super quiet. The E series has some rumble, but is not totally obnoxious.


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