DMV did't miss a beat!

So there I was, trying to decide on what bike to buy. The '00 wr yelling at me, "buy me, buy me!!" I think to myself, 4-stroke = green sticker.

I get the bike home and DMV sends me a red sticker in the mail. I'm sure there must be a mistake, so I do some research (the kind I should have done before I bought) and find that my bike is a red sticker vehicle.

My wife, God love her, coincidently loses my red sticker in the mass of papers and bills we receive each month.

I promply and studiously respond to my local DMV and request a replacement OHV sticker. Lo and behold I walk out of DMV in disbeliefe as the clerk has given me a GREEN sticker. I rush home and proudly affix this badge of no restrictions to my blue demon. :D

To my dissapointment, DMV somehow caught its error and, one month later, sent me a new RED sticker. Can't a guy get a break?

I think I'm gonna be sick. :)


It's your world, I just play in it!

'00WR, WB E-Series S-Bend w/7 discs, Stock header, throttle stop trimmed, airbox cover removed. Stock jetting. 4500ft.

This may sound like dumb question,but what is the diff between a red and a green sticker? I have always gotten a red ,but would like to know the diiference...

You should apply the green sticker and just ride it.

Such programs seek to undermine our freedoms one tiny little piece at a time. Its like water on stone, the water always wins, by taking such little pieces (freedoms) that we hardly notice.

Seen any dinosaurs lately, I didnt think so, well the 3 wheelersaurus, is of our species and it has become extinct. We should have a moment of silence for one of our motorized brethren. Think about it.

Bulldog, this business about green vs. red sticker is a bunch of BS. I think it has to do with time of year and smog and all that. The real irony of it is that I have a 00 WR Canadian model and got a green sticker. DMV gets confused because of the Vin number. But my buddy just got a 01 WR250 and he got a green sticker. So go figure? And, if you dual sport it you are not only good to go anytime but anywhere. Some of the guys that I have been riding with have done that. It doesn't seem to hold them back on the trails either. They still kick some serious booty. Maybe that is something to think about. But this red sticker business should be protested to the max. Team O. Pie is correct. Does anyone really think that 5 guys riding second or third gear up a trail produce more smog than 5 Harleys taking a joy ride up the canyon? Paste the Green sticker on and forget about it and go riding!

It puzzles me how they can ban a vehicle that uses about 2-4 gallons of gas in a whole days trip (that's a lot of riding by the way), and then get on their jet ski and burn 10+ gallons an hour! If we didn't ride bikes we would probably have muscle cars/trucks that burn a lot more gas than our bikes or even a boat that gets horrible mileage. I'm sure there are boat owners on TT that can attest to the great economy of a mastercraft!! Let's hear from you.

Got a mastercraft. Use it for wakeboarding. I don't think I burn 10 gallons of gas in an hour. Maybe for the day, which is still a lot more than a dirt bike. I don't think jetskis, those anoying little noisy usless bastards :), use 10 gallons an hour either. I am not sure on that since I don't own one of those POS.

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Hey Mike-go easy on the PWC guys-they're just out there having fun in thier own way. I agree that personal watercraft can be annoying,and there are a few morons out there that make it worse for the responsible operators,but don't paint them all with the same brush.Remember,much of the same sort of complaints can be directed at dirt bikes as well.Judge not.....

Mike, man what a grump you are. Geeze! Its a good thing you don't have any kids! :)

My feelings towards them (not the owners) are solid. No breaks here. I would never lobby against them becuase they do have a right to ride on lakes they are not banned from. It also being a recreation sport, I would be a hypocrite if I were to do so. I just think they suck. They kind of remind me of four wheelers. :)

PMAUST< I agree.

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