Yz426f upgrades?

Hey guys. After some searching, i havnt found any real hard suggestions. I have a yz426f and would like a little more output from her if i can. I do all of my own work, so thats not a real issue. I believe it already has a higher compression piston (has to run premium, 87 doesnt work). It also has gytr exhaust. What more can i do to it? Ive considered port and polish head, but i have been told in the past that its not worth the effort. What about camshafts? I would like to keep my manual decomp if possible, but are there "performance" camshafts?

Not new to dirtbikes or engines, but i am new to fourstroke dirtbikes. So idk if the things i would change on a car (ignition, fuel, compression, intake, heads, exhaust) have as dramatic effect on these single cylinders. Any input is appreciated!

Are you looking for the power of a modern 450?, or is it a read dog and just needs its old glory returned?

I mean i would like the power of a modern bike, but cant afford to upgrade yet. She still has lots of life in her, i just feel like theres potential for more. It still outruns my brothers raptor 700 and buddies trx450 both on flat land and up sand hills. I just like to push the limits the best i can without going crazy. I do mostly trail riding so i top the bike out a lot and wish i had just a little more, but dont want to gear up and lose torque.

Look into the big jug kits yet?

I've seen those hot cams but idk if they work that well or not.. Maybe someone on here has run them and can say whether it's worth it or not?! Also couldn't find any big bore kits. Basically all I've seen performance wise is a high comp piston and the hot cams. Pipe and carb can get you some knarly power as well as a good intake.

Why not just put the 2-3-4-5 hundred bucks towards a newer bike?

I say this because I have a 2002 YZ426 and between the parts I bought for replacement and the parts I bought to upgrade it, I should have just forked over more money originally and got a newer bike.

Things like auto-decompression cam, hot start lever, more power, better suspension, fat bars, lighter weight, access to more used and aftermarket parts....all of that comes stock for not much more than what we paid for our 426 bikes.

But modifying is fun and addictive so I see where you're coming from. Just my 2 cents.

Idk what's done to your 426 but mine will spank any 450 out there haha. I bought the 426 specifically cuz it would beat a 450 with the right mods

 mine will spank any 450 out there




I'll be your huckleberry, Ringo.

Well you know what they say:

There's no replacement for displacement, unless you have a YZ426 with 'the right mods.'

Then along comes a 450 with "the right mods", :excuseme:


My advice is that folks with YZ426's should not tangle with one of the new four valve YZ's for money or pinks. :naughty:

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