Vent tube problem?? (uncorking prob...)

hey, don't feel bad. I spent 1/2 hour trying to start my sled a few weeks ago, it ran fine until I parked it on a hill, it was low on fuel and wasn't getting any on the hill. Finally yanked the 600 lb. beast down onto level ground and it fired right up. by this time my back was shot. duh!

Well someone eariler had said "make sure the gas is on" and also something about the tank coming on and off... Never thought about the gas being on the left side of the tank.. lol. Anyways.. cant wait to get out and see (feel) the difference.

:):D Consider it done.

Now that you are up and running you will love the difference. :D Hold on to your hat. :D

I know you will love the difference. When I first got my bike I spent about 15 minutes trying to start it. Then I turned on the gas. :)

And here I was thinking that you were insulted at my comment of checking the gas petcock....I knew it had to be something stupid like time I will say the same I guess.

Glad to see that you were honest about what it was. Most people would have made something up.

Enjoy the ride...


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