Yamaha stem lengths

I'm working on reviving a 1992 WR250 (yup, it's a smoker, but wait!) as a supermoto.  Part of the rebuild is swapping on a 2009 YZ450 front end.  The conversion appears to be pretty straight forward, stem bearings are compatible, no problems, right?  To make things more interesting I'm having a set of custom offset clamps made up for this endeavor.


The one detail I haven't sorted yet is the steering stem.  My 92 stem setup isn't compatible with modern YZ clamp sets, I also don't have a modern YZ on hand to compare against.  Doing some searching I see there are three common lengths Yamaha used but no actual numbers to go with 'short', 'medium' or 'long'.


Looking at Applied Racing's online catalog they have the following notes:


'Short' YZ stems fit:

98-14 YZ125

98-12 YZ250F

98-09 WR250F


'Medium' YZ stems fit:

08-15 YZF450



'Long' YZ stems fit:

98-14 YZ250

98-07 YZF4XX

98-10 WR450F


I also found some notes that Yamaha changed the OD of the portion of the stem that presses into the lower clamp sometime around 04 / 05, so that's good to know.


So, what I need I guess is distances between the bearings for the three stem lengths so I can compare to my frame and determine which to get?  Anyone got numbers to share?

I can give you the length of the long stem later today.  Meanwhile, I can tell you that the mid length stem will be 5mm shorter, and the short stem about 10-12mm shorter.

Much appreciated, and that almost makes it sound like I could just plan on using long stems with spacers if needed... assuming my machine isn't a freak that needs an even LONGER stem than modern machines.

Visited the local dealership and got some ballpark measurements with a tape measure.  (Yeah, not accurate, I know, but it's what I had.)  They have a 2015 WR250 and YZ450 on the showroom floor, which based on the fitment data from Applied Racing should be a medium and long stem, respectively.  7.5" between the bearing faces roughly on the WR, touch longer on the YZ.  On my antique I'm at about 7.5" as well so I suspect the medium will do the trick?

Any chance you can still get that measurement greyracer?

Only in a rough kind of way.  I seem to have come up missing the loose one I had.  I'll see how accurately I can measure the one on my bike.

I just lucked out, I've got drawings with dimensions for YZ stems, so now I can compare to my setup and select the right one.  Of course, it means I have to take my front end off again... d-oh! :D

Good find.  Source?

Right from Applied Racing themselves.

Yup, good people.

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