Opinions on 2002 yz426f

Hey guys,

I'm looking into buying a new bike and I saw a 2002 yz426f for sale for 1200$ U.S. Are there any things I should be weary of? Is that price reasonable? I'm looking for honest opinions. Thanks.

I've had a 2001 426 for about 2 months now and it's the first real mx bike I've ridden.  It has plenty of power and seems pretty reliable (nothing has blown up yet on me).  I'm a street rider (and long time ago club road racer) so dirt is completely foreign to me (I had/have a lot of trouble not over using the front brake and crashing).  So at this point the biggest issue I've had is starting.  There is a routine that works using the decomp lever, but I installed a hot cams exhaust cam with auto-decompression.  Now I can just kick it over.  My current method that works a lot of the time is to pull the decomp lever (I left mine on) and kick it 3 to 5 times, pull the choke then kick it over.  Lots of times it just starts right up.  On the track and trails I'm still not doing very well at restarting it once it's hot, but I haven't had to walk it back to the trailer yet either.


I have an older z start (non-pro) rekluse clutch that I'm considering installing.  This should take away the stalling and perhaps (as many others say) make it ok on a woods trail.  I think the we all want an mx bike that can do anything and maybe that's not reasonable.  My hope is to have fun on small mx tracks and be able to go through a few trails without stalling the bike 15 times (or at least keep up with my kids on ex300 atvs on the track)


I'm sure there are plenty of miscellaneous issues that all bikes have (wheel bearings, engine lower ends due to never changing oil, broken cases from chain failure, etc), but so far it's been a pretty fun bike.  I recently traded the remains of a wrecked f350 for a crf450f (04).  Depending on what you read it's either worlds better than the 426 or run away.  I don't know.  It has a few issues I need to iron out (feels like a broken spark plug is one) and then I'll try it out.  For guys like me both bikes are way over my skill level, but maybe one of them will turn out to be a better fit.  







I'd say 1200 is a good price if the bike is in good shape. Ask the seller what's been done to it, has it been rebuilt, has it been damaged and repaired etc....

My 2002 has been a rock solid bike. It's heavy and doesn't steer that we'll compared to newer bikes. But the power and reliability are great. I would buy mine again if I saw it for 1200.

Harmetp put that Rekluse in! Ur gunna love it haha. Haven't stalked my bike in months

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