03 wr450 with 08 clutch cover **piston cooler**

Whats up guys got a 03 wr450 its a great bike so far. Doing piston rings and valve seals this week. Ive been reading and i hear alot about this oil squirter mod and i seen on ebay the whole kit case,squirter, high presure oil pump. Now im setup for sm and road legal and wNted to know will this bolt right up to my 03? I also read the 07-09 cases all have the squirter and i think bolt up to my 03. Is it really needed for this mod or will i blow a rod or bearing beating on my wr on the road with out this extra cooling abd lube?


You don't really "need" the mod but it doesn't hurt...    Yamaha would have never made the effort to create it if there

was no benefit.   It you are doing a lot of road miles it would probably be nice to have.


I have a 2003 WR450 that I added the mod to.   No problem to install except for one thing--   your existing kick starter

will not fit the new side cover.   It has the larger hole for the larger shaft found on 2004 and newer WR450s.   So, add in

another $100 or so to your budget for an ebay kickstarter.    I already had one laying around or that might have made

the mod slip into the "not really worth it" area for me.


If by 07-09 cases you mean WR450 cases then no, they will not fit.   They do not have provisions for the external oil

lines that the 03-06s use.   Also you would run into the same issue with the kickstarter.

What exact parts do i need? I noticed i wound have anyof the parts like the seal for the case gor the kicker. Can u delete that kicker gear and shaft and delete the kicker and plug the whole so it would be cheAper?

I was looking up the yfz450 clutch covers and isnt that case the same so if i bought the plug from that couldnt i use that to plug the hole and remove the kicker and just use ele tric start for now till i get all the peices dor the kicker.

sure you can use the plug from the quad and remove the kickstarter but you have to make sure your electric start is always working!

Yeah i understand that just temp untill i gather all the kicker parts.

Does anyone know of any other type of plugs to that i can get from a local place like autozone or something to plug the hole for a little? So i sont have to wait on s shop to order the plug. Ive herd once of a freeze plug but not too sure. Also should i remove the kicker shaft and the other gear or just the kicker shaft?

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