inverted forks for the BRP?

Has anybody pulled of having inverted forks? If so please let me know how and where. I'm trying to transform the BRP into motocross worthy!

Plus, if you have any ideas that would help, please do.

I will be putting a pair of Ohlins forklegs from a Cannondale onto my XR650R as soon as my triple clamp is ready.

I've been adviced that the frame of a XR650R is not up to handle the extra stress that the USD forklegs would transfer through the triple clamp, but I'm not riding on motocross course, not landing any 6ft. jumps.. I hope it would hold up with my kind of riding.


How much did those front forks set you back? Who makes your brake rotors? You've got one sweet looking bike.


i know, ain't she a beaut !!

but sorry, she belongs to some other lucky bastard.



Wow.. now that's a bike. Now I'm wondering though; where'd that tank/shroud setup come from? Looks kind of like the Aloop, but custom. I bet that bike has more in it in aftermarket parts than my 650 is worth. :)

First time I've seen a black frame BRP xr650r-218.jpg

Have I seen this post before?.... :)

This would be my XR, yes there is a dollar or two in aftermarket on it.

Dan V.

Looks good Dan - tell me about the aircleaner. What did you use for the manifold?

How about a picture of the other side?

who makes that gas tank and who much capacity does it have?

that looks perfect for Gran Prix.

the tank is from a swiss seller..

the capacity is 7,5 litres

here in Italy cost 470 Euros, approx 560 Usd

I need to know what a BRP is? I have tried but cant come up with it! Please will someone enlighten me on this?



B ig R ed P ig :D

Damn!!!! I thought of everything but that!!!! And I even have one....not like the one in the pic but it is red and a pig :):D :D



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