z-start auto clutch

Does anybody have any good comments on this z-start auto clutch. I'm very interested. Please give me a review.

theres a good thread and an extensive review at KTMTalk.com in the "product review" forum. try a search, you'll find it.

FWIW - i've heard nothing but raves about the Z-start.


Theres a great write-up here on thumpertalk also. I believe Qadsan is familiar with them.

I've got one on my XR650R and really like it. I'd also gladly buy it again and will put one in my next bike. Mine is a first gen unit and one of the first ever made. They've since been improved, but I'm quite happy with mine. I've also got the clutch perch option so I have full use of my clutch lever just like before. If my bike goes down for whatever reason, it's usually still running on its side which can be partly attributed to the z-Start and that's been nice. I still use my clutch lever sometimes, but not nearly as much as I used to. I also find myself riding in a higher gear more often than I used to and shifting less often. It's easily adjustable to suit different riding needs, but I've got mine setup to lock up hard quickly with minimal stall and have complete engine braking down the steepest of hills. One downside is you'll loose the ability to bump start your bike and that was a big issue for me, but I'd rather have the z-Start than not have it. It also provides more clamping pressure than the stock clutch. It's easy to install and is backed up by excellent customer service. Mine also came with a 30 day money back guarantee, but using it never crossed my mind after I tried it out. :)

I herd that you loose the engine braking totally is that true Quadsan I almost bought one for my piggy but I engine brake a lot thats why I could not get used to 2 smokes. If not I will buy one this week

I herd that you loose the engine braking totally is that true Quadsan

That's totally NOT true. You will have complete engine braking all the way down to idle if that's the way you set it up, which is how I prefer it. The other kool thing I forgot to mention is that it makes the bike more stall resistant because you can jam on the rear brake so the rear wheel is locked and not stall the bike at any speed. It also makes power slides a bit easier.

O.K., newby question.... what the hell is it?? I think I know what it is by the descriptions, but I've never heard of one. Also, how much does it cost??


Gary :)

i have a good idea on what the z start is, but, wouldnt it wear out fast? like someone said they ride a gear higher everywhere but that must be putting some stress on the clutch? yes?no?



but, wouldnt it wear out fast?

If you don't have it setup properly, then yes, it would wear out quickly just as if you were feathering the clutch all the time. The z-Start can be setup to lock up quicker and harder than the stock clutch, so there can be less slip if you set it up that way, which is how mine is setup. Depending on gearing of course, the z-Start will be locked up at around 17 to 18 MPH in 3rd gear if I correctly recall. Riding in a higher gear is not wearing my z-Start out simply because I'm not abusing it. If I was doing frequent 3rd gear starts, then yes, that's abuse just like if you were feathering the clutch and it would wear things out quicker.

Winkel, do a search in the Honda forum for words like autoclutch or z-Start. It's been discussed numerous times in depth in various forums.

Like any product, some people may see value in it and some may not, but I'll gladly buy another for my next bike. It also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, so there's not a whole lot to loose except for the time in trying it out.

it sounds interesting

can you pull away in 3rd gear?

im tryin to get a grip on how it works

Yeah, I can take off from a dead stop in 3rd gear if I want to. I can come screaming into a turn, jam on the rear brake with the rear wheel locked without any risk of stalling my bike, all without using the clutch lever.

The z-Start simply uses the stock clutch friction & drive plates, so nothing is changed there. The only thing different is the pressure plate, which engages or disengages the clutch. Instead of only using the left hand clutch lever to engage/disengage the clutch pack, the z-Start uses inertia from the spinning engine to engage/disengage the stock clutch plates via the z-Start pressure plate. At idle, the z-Start pressure plate is pulled away from the stock clutch plates so it won't drive them just as if you pulled your clutch lever in. As the engine spins up, the z-Start pressure plate clamps the stock clutch plates together just as if you let out the clutch. The z-Start pressure plate has steel and or tungsten carbide balls seated in their own ramped slots. At idle, a spring plate keeps these balls seated, but when the engine spins up, these balls are forced outward up their ramps and they overcome the spring plate pressure, which in turns clamps the friction discs & drive plates. The clamping pressure increases with engine RPM, but the z-Starts provides an engineered maximum amount of clamping pressure through its ball/ramp design where as some other autoclutch products have no limits on their clamping pressure. Having more clamping pressure is great up to a point, but more isn't always better. If the rear wheel happens to be spinning wildly due to a loss of traction and then all of a sudden hooks up, that force has to go somewhere (rear wheel >> clutch >> gearbox). If the clutch was clamped tight enough, then your gearbox will absorb that energy and I'd much rather have my clutch slip a bit, which is one of serveral reasons I like the z-Start over other similar products.

its quite interesting really

so do you still have a clutch lever or what?

it must be pretty cool to get used to and stuff...sounds pretty awesome really.

id love to lock up the breaks in a corner and hold the gas on with an auto clutch.

heres a q..sorry for them all but yeah...

why dont more pro racers use them anyway? it seems like the practical thing in the woods for gncc

I've still got full use of my clutch lever if I want it. I thought 30+ years of using the clutch lever would have been a difficult habbit to break, but it only took a few hours to get used to it. Look in the CRF450, YZF & KTM forums and you'll find plenty of comments from racers using them.

As far as the big time GNCC guys go, I have no idea if anyone there is using a product like this or not. I'm just riding for recreation now days and the z-Start makes things a bit easier & more fun for me.

yeah fun is all that matters anyway

im runnin the hydraulic clutch right now

i don't know about the z-start or the EMF, but the rev-loc auto clutch makes plates last about twice as long as normal.

about taking off in third gear: on a BRP you can do the same thing with a manual clutch. it's just big time clutch drag.


i don't know about the z-start or the EMF, but the rev-loc auto clutch makes plates last about twice as long as normal.

about taking off in third gear: on a BRP you can do the same thing with a manual clutch. it's just big time clutch drag.


yeah i know you can but just the thought of doing it without a clutch is pretty cool...kind of like a semi auto quad

please dont shoot me down for saying quad :)

Also check out the CRF450 board because there's several good discussions going on there right now including someone trying to work out a clutch slippage issue.

thanks alot renegade

good to have tt'ers that are a big help on here, like yourself

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