Auto decomp cam in 400/426

I'm looking at getting, most likely, a yz400f. I now have a 2001 yz250f with the auto decompression cam, I hated the decompression lever, so I switched and loved it. I was wondering if I can do the same on the 400/426. Do I use the 450 auto decomp cam? Or is it the same cam as you put in the 250? Simple question, but I can't seem to find a straight answer on it. Thanks!

It's not likely that the 250 cam would be the same as the larger engine cam.  They make a 426 specific hot cam with auto decompression (I bought mine used on ebay for $150).  The 450 that comes stock with AD will work, but the timing marks will be off because it's designed to work with the shorter 450 motor.  There are youtube videos showing the 450 installation.  The hotcam 426 cam is super easy.  

Like he said, in the beginning, a number of people started using the YZ450 cam, but that required a complicated timing procedure different from stock.  These days, it's just simpler to use a cam made for the 426, and less expensive, as well.

Hot Cams part # 4035-1E

Get one for me too while you're at it, please

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