Power Tuner - US version vs EU version. Compatibility problem.

I'm new here so first i would like to say hello to all of you.


Right now i'm a proud owner of the 2014 WR450F that i have bought in Poland.

I decided to get the GYTR Power Tuner, which i have bought from the US (33D-859C1-00) together with the Competition Kit ECU (1DX-H59C0-V0-00) also from the US because it is not available in Europe.

Everything works fine with my WR450F but i cannot modify maps on my friends 2015 YZ205F. The power tuner freezes when connected.


I know the european Power Tuner (33D-859C0-10-00) which is $150 more expensive works fine with these bikes.


Any ideas what's wrong or is it normal that these devices don't work on other continents?




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