Rear Wheel

hey guys

can a rear wheel off a 03 YZ250F fit on a 01 WR426? i know its 19 inch instead of 18. would this cause any problems. also it comes with the sprocket on it. i would probably have to get a different sprocket. ok thanks guys.


yes it will fit. The 125/250F has a 1.85 inch width rim and the 250/450F have 2.15 inch width. The rim width is the only difference. If you want to run the larger tires they will fit on narrower rim.

I'm looking at swapping my 19 for an 18. I have a 03 YZ450 and want to make it an offroader. If you want to swap, let me know.

hey pike

sorry man but my hub on my 18 inch has been messed up due to sprocket bolts coming lose.i have been looking for the whole wheel and stuff on ebay instead of buying a hub and sprockets from the dealer and doing the work myself. if i just buy everything i think it may save me trouble but i don't know about money. anyone know how much a rear hub runs at the dealership. also, is the 18 inch reallya lot better than the 19 inch for off road use. i know the 18 is more reliable than the 19 on off road but was curious i ftheir were any other advantages to the 18 and what advantages the 19 had. thanks



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