Fork Seal Leaking

Less than 50 miles but outside of the 30day warranty on 04 WR450 and my right fork seal is already leaking. Who sells a high quality fork seal?

try sliding a (35mm) film negative into the fork at the seal. Many times this will dislodge any debris that is causing an oil leak.

Factory Connection Updated Seal Kit $34.95

Factory Connection's Updated kit uses thick fork seal and thinner back washer with a more compliant rubber. Works with all KYB 46mm USD Forks

Improved Seal Life

Improved fork seal lip to fork tube fit


Honda 97-04 CR125, 96 CR250, 96-02 CR500

Kawasaki 96-01 KX125/250, 97-04 KX500

Suzuki 01-03 RM250

Yamaha 96-03 YZ125/250, 98-03 WR250F/400F/426F/450F, YZ250F/400F/426F/450F

Seal savers! They work! 6387. miles on my original fork seals! I am still waiting for them to leak. I change the seal savers every month and pack the the space between the seal and the wiper cap with grease. I also ride a lot of mud! You have to peel them back and clean them after a mud ride to prevent them from scratching your tubes. :)

Dude, the same thing happened to me when I bought my '02 wr426. All above advice is solid. If the seal can be saved (and you like riding more than maintaining) use the film to clean under it. I also cleaned the area with LOW pressure water and a light tooth brush. Then I put the seal savers on- they rule. I haven't changed them yet (over a year). I roll them up and wash them with the bike. My seals haven't leaked a drop since.

Dan, do you really have 6387 miles on your 03 WR450?

How did you install the seal savers with the fork guard guide bracket mounted right there? Did you just remove the brackets and run without them?

put them over or don't run them! I put mine back on(over them)

Hey John,

Absolutely since the divorce last January and no kids all I do is ride! Most of my riding is intermediate but I like to get out with the fast MX guys and see how fast they really can go. I pace myself and ride 70-95 miles a day and 2-3 days a week depending on my travel schedule plus 4 weeks of vacation riding last year. I dont race and I could not do that kind of mileage at my "race" pace. I rode Utah, Colorado, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio & Indiana last year. Colorado is my favorite! I am doing 2 weeks of riding in Colorado this summer. I will let you know the dates so we can hook up. Moab April 1st & Early October. Right in your back yard. :)

Thanks for the info. I already have the seal savers on order. I bought the long ones and may try to use them as a boot to cover the whole lower tube. I used a business card and it stopped leaking but once I rode it started again. I'll give the 35mm negative a try. Thanks again.

That's some serious mileage on a dirt bike for one year. My 2001 only has 1650 miles on it. :):D I do have 3 little boys though and I'm trying to get them up to speed riding.

Let me know when you are in Colorado and where you'll ride. I'll try to meet you for a day or so. :D

Absolutely I will PM you John when I am firm on dates. Taylor Park sound good? :)

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