'00 yz 426 parts for sale

First, I'm new here, but this has got to be the most helpful, friendly board I have seen.

I have an '00 yz 426 for sale without the engine,carb, or wiring.

The engine is now in a quad frame, and you guys have answered so many of my questions, just by reading back through the old stuff about the BK mod, and flywheel weights.

The bike is in good shape. bigalscs@hotmail.com

drop me a note if your interested.

I'm in southern IL if it matters.

I need a sub frame for my 00'. If you're thinking about parting it out let me know.


I would take the rear shock, spring and seat if you are parting it out.


I am looking for a rear wheel and hub. Are you going to part it out or sell the entire thing?

Well, we were wanting $1700 for the whole thing, but we have had lots of people just wanting parts.

Is half of new price to much, I think a new subframe is $370, so is $ 150 fair for a used one in good shape?

I'm negotiable on this stuff, just don't really know where to start pricing.

If you are really interested drop me an e-mail,at bigalscs@hotmail.com,

or call my buddy Craig who has the bike at 618-723-2577

I'm sending you an email now. Thanks.

I forgot to mention that I have DSP(?) carbon fiber frame gaurds, and a water pump gaurd. The right frame guard is showing wear but the other 2 pieces are good. I also have the top part of the kick start. These little pieces should be cheap so shoot me some offers.

If you part it out I would be interested in the gas tank!


big Dog, the gas tank is available for $125 .

Torch, I've got a $100 offer on the radiators, but I haven't heard back from the guy yet, drop me an em-mail if you want second chance.

The wheels are gone, but we still have everything else .

Dan the seat has a fresh cover on it, so it looks good is $75 reasonable? I don't know what the shock would be worth,but you could shoot me an offer, and we can argue.

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I went and borrowed a camera from a friend, so now I have pics of everything that is left. If you need some shoot me an e-mail bigalscs@hotmail.com

How much for the CF guards?? I would be interested. E-mail me.


Long enough for ya.

BTW, will they fit a WR426 '01??


Dodger :)

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Torch, The radiators are available again, if you are still interested, I have pictures.


Still have lots of other good stuff also.

do you have a header exhaust pipe? will it fit a 2001 426?

If Torch doesnt take the radiators I will buy them from you. yamie_rider@hotmail.com.

sorry, the header pipe was used on the Quad conversion.

Yamie Rider you are 3rd in line for the radiators, but I will let you know if I don't hear back from the other two real soon.

k thanx couch

Hey couch! How much for all the stock plastic excluding gas tank?

Originally posted by yamie_rider:

Hey couch! How much for all the stock plastic excluding gas tank?

I have a used full plastic kit off of a 00'426, all OEM stock colors. Plastic is very good condition, just your usual scratches and a few light color marks. The only reason I am selling is I don't like the blue, and I am getting new plastics.

Front fender, disc guard(blue), number plate, shrouds, side plates, rear fender. I just took some pics, but I have to wait for my freind to e-mail them to me.

Let me know if you would be interested, and make me an offer, yz426f@msn.com ~Hitman~

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hey couch I'm assuming you're still holding the sub frame for me. I sent the check out two days ago so look for it. Also the faster you can get it to me the better. I have a pipe and I have to wait for the sub frame till I'll install it.


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