'00 yz 426 parts for sale

Yami rider, I'll send you some pics of the plastic, and you can shoot me an offer also.

Mean Green, yes we will send you that subframe just as soon as we can.

How much for the main frame?

We will take $350 for the main frame.

Hey couch, did BigDawg pick up the tank? If not, I'm interested. Is it in good shape? Let me know...

No, I haven't heard back from Big dog about the tank. Send me an e-mail address if you want pictures. The tank and all other plastic are in almost excellent shape.

couch check your pm's

Back at ya Mean Green.

Hey couch plastic looks good. what kind of graphics do you have on? Also any word on those radiators??

Those are PRO Source Graphics, I'm not sure who makes em, yeah the plastic is all pretty straight.

I rattled some cages on the radiators tonight, If I don't hear something back by this time tomorrow, I'll let you know.

Sweet :)

My bikes an 01, the 00 rads should fit right??

I'm interested in the rear master cyclinder and linkage connected to brake pedal also in the airbox.

We still have all the rear brake stuff and airbox, we are just up the road from you.

Give Craig a call or shoot me an e-mail.

[ March 05, 2002: Message edited by: couch ]

Still got lot's of good stuff left, nobody has claimed the tank,seat or plastic yet, and still have the full suspension.

Hey couch, did you get my offer??


Couch, saw you had a bite earlier on the frame, did you sell it? Suspension, steering, plastic? Shoot me some prices.

I still have the frame, swingarm forks and shock, seat, tank and side number plates.

I think I said $350 on the frame.

$250 for the seat and tank.

$200 for swingarm.

$200 for shock.

$500 for the forks.

All prices are negotiable, I will split stuff out also.

Shoot me an e-mail bigalscs@hotmail.com and I'll send you some pictures.

I hate to make this seem like spam guys, but we are trying to get rid of this stuff. how about a 25% sale on the items listed above. Or shoot me a reasonable offer. Thanks

I am looking for a Bull Legged Woman

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