'00 yz 426 parts for sale

Ego , I'm afraid I don't know what bull legged means, or I would try my best to send one your way.

I could offer some that were bow legged, but I'm kind of stingy with those kind.

I am really intrested in the front and rear wheels (complete w/rotor and rear sprocket if available) if either are still available. I am also intrested in the Tank, seat and any or all plastics you may have. Please let me know how much for each piece or all. Can Pay Cash,Check,Money Order,or creditcard. Thanks my EMail is JeffHarmonson@Aol.com

[ March 23, 2002: Message edited by: Thumperfanatic ]

Looking for rear brake arm and front brake cylinder/lever housing. Let me know.


Thumperfanatic, and nmabbott you have mail


Man If I got to splain Bull Leged Women you aint lived much have you !! :)

Ego, I've been two 2 state fairs and I've seen billy goats #$%^^*, so i don't see how you can say I ain't lived.

Ok we wont go any further

Any Nibbles yet

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