Your worst fail ever on your WR

This thread is made for you guys to share your worst fail on your WR.

Did you mean mechanical or riding fail?


22 miles from the truck, my right radiator splits from a failed radiator cap.

The water comes out so fast, I don't even notice it steam.

It starts to get pretty noisey in the topend...with smoke coming right out of the airbox from oil smoke coming out of  the breather hose....

Rode it all the way back, but had to replace everything above the piston accept the exhaust valves and valve cover.

Dang man I bet that sucked, I haven't been able to take mine out to far from the house yet but on my xr200r the timeing chain went out on it. Luckly I was just on the next property over from mine and not down 2 miles from my house where I had any ride.

20+ miles from truck a dork kid with a passenger on the back (no helmet) comes roaring out of a side-trail and T-bones me

I flew 20' in the air and luckily only sprained a finger

Bike tumbled 3 or 4 times

Pipe was smashed flat

Riders behind thought I was dead for sure


I was so tempted to rip the kid's ATV into a million pieces, but I didnt

Looked like he had a broken arm. that was punishment enough


He will probably become one of those POS types that will now forever tout the dangers of dirbike riding

even though he was the moron in the whole incident, somehow his fault in the incident will fade away


Moral of the story is that when you ride in 'unmanaged' areas, be careful of douchebags

This is about the worst I've suffered.   I don't even know when it happened.  I didn't crash or anything.  I can vaguely remember riding between two rocks on the trail while standing, and lifting my right foot from the peg for clearance and the bike just fit through between them.  That must have been when it happened.  


When I got back to the truck I looked down and found this mangled footpeg.   The rest of the bike, including the foot peg mount, brake lever, and rear brake disk are just fine.


This is the right peg, so it actually bent the peg forward, probably while it was folded up.


Luckily it didn't break and the bike was still rideable. I say lucky to be still rideable because if that rock did that to the peg, it could have also caused havoc with the engine cases.  Maybe its time to replace the plastic skid plate ?


BTW, those pegs are incredibly tough.  Almost impossible to straighten it.   I ordered a new set of pegs.



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Good job guys keep the fails come in.

I haven't had my WR too long, dumbest thing so far was flicking it from leaned left to right too quickly, tucked the front, slid into oncoming lane... luckily nobody was coming, and injuries were very minor. 

The white part of my gas tank graphics turned yellow.....true story, I swear!

WRs don't fail.  Only riders fail.

here is an ALMOST fail.  I had just got my 2012 at the time, so I took my truck up to some land we had at the time with a shed where it was stored, to pick it up so I could go riding somewhere for the day.  I parked the truck at the ramp I made to load it.  took the WR for a quick ride through a field, cause why not, then back to load it up.  Little did I know my 5 gallon gas jug in the truck leaked out and the bed was covered in gasoline.  The truck had a plastic bed liner, and the gas sat in there like a pool of water.  I smelled something burning on the WR just before i loaded it up.  Didn't think to much until I had it IN THE BED of the truck.  I looked down at the header and I picked up some weeds, which were now burning and smoking.  realizing what could happen, I carefully removed the foliage and tossed it out.  I mean, they were smoking and had red ends, basically on fire.  I could have been up in flames.  Bye bye bike and truck....  Thank fully all was spared.

I keep two non lubricated condoms in my air box, wife came out to the garage while I was cleaning the air filter. You can guess where this is going. After I showed her a YouTube video of a guy using them to cover his bike mounted GPS on rainy days (I use them for my phone while in a ram mount) she calmed down.

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Second lap of a austrian/hungarian enduro championship near Kaposvar, Hungary.

I remembered from the first lap the very long straight, singletrack alongside a field, grass covered, foot peg high.

Then there will be the "warnig ditch ahaed" sign, then the relatively harmless 15" ditch,

to be followed by another section of very long grass covered single track.

The whole steup was a straight line, in flat country. Of course I was set to "optimized" that section,

not willing interrupt my 50mph cruise for that, already negotiated ditch.

So when the ditch warning sign showed up, I went WFO and leant back to raise the front, or at least make it very light.

There was a horiible bang, and at the next blink of an eye I sat in the meadow, right wrist aching,

bike 15 feet away from the bike.   I've no idea what actually happened, it happende so extremely fast.

Soneone rode me to the end of the straight (which was end of loop and parc ferme), someon else brought my bike.


Damage turned out to be broken wrist, steering stops that dug themsleves into the llower triple clamp half an inch deep, and a dislodged steering damper.


I still have no idea what whacked me off the bike, but that being the second wrist injury, now the wrist starts to ache after ~5 days of off-road riding in Idaho.

It was especially stupid as that section was not timed to the second, you'd wait a coupl minutes to cross end of lap exactly on your minute, I just want to zip past the ditch in a cool way.


If there is one thing that I could undo in my life, it's that act of stupidity.

I made a pretty epic fail just last week. So stupid I can't even believe I'm posting it on here.  It was a cold 35deg morning and I had my heavier winter gloves on.  I just replaced my chain and after riding around a while in the morning I came back onto a paved road and pulled off the side for a quick break.  I decided to check my chain slack as it was starting to sound a little "slappy" and pulled my winter gloves off.  I was resting them on my knee and they fell off in the mud, I picked them up and stuffed them right in front of my mudflap protecting the rear shock.  I pulled out my tools and took up a little bit of the chain slack, and jumped on to hear if the excess slap reduced was fixed...

  I didn't take my gloves out from the front of the mud flap. :naughty:


  I putted off for a few feet and seemed better, I throttled up and made it about 200 feet before the chain grabbed a glove.  Chain jammed glove into the front sprocket, breaking the chain, the case guard and the plastic sprocket guard.  It also gouged the chain slider clear thru to the swingarm...  all while scaring the shit out of me! It blew that cover off with such force my foot went flying off the peg and darn near sent me over the bike.  Not sure how I managed to stay on rubber.  The glove was wrapped and jammed so tight around the front sprocket it took me half an hour to cut/yank it out in little chunks.

  Needless to say, i was on the phone calling for a lift home.  Gave me an excuse to try out some new gearing, as I needed a couple more items to order with the chain for free shipping.

  I re-geared to 15/47 (from 13/50), and it made an awesome difference for days I cruise around on pavement.

I keep two non lubricated condoms in my air box, wife came out to the garage while I was cleaning the air filter. You can guess where this is going. After I showed her a YouTube video of a guy using them to cover his bike mounted GPS on rainy days (I use them for my phone while in a ram mount) she calmed down.


 How did you explain away the tube of astroglide?

Shortly after buying my street legal WR, decided I'd take a shortcut down a sidewalk (no people for miles). Went under a little pathway bridge, gunned it in the corner to her the exhaust echo in the tunnel, then I hit mud.... Mud over concrete while I just gassed it and was leaning over. Almost low-sided but the bike thought that wouldn't be fun, so the front gripped and jerked the other way and high sided my ass face first into concrete. I tumbled, bike tumbled, after sitting there for a while I pushed her back to work :-)

Wear your gear!!!

How did you explain away the tube of astroglide?

I dump it in the tank every other fill up. Haven't had to adjust my valves since I don't know when...

How about when I decided to ride up a insanely rocky mountainside while by myself out in the middle of the desert with no gear on. Made it a bit of the way up before bailing (not the worst part). I finally get it maneuvered nose pointing downhill and hop on while coasting through the rocks and rubble, only to have my front tire dig into a rut and flip me over the bars. I go sailing a good ways down the precipice before making contact with the earth - hands first of course. After the dust settled I noticed my hand felt warm and wet; I look down and notice there's a mighty nice laceration in the middle of my palm... and a whole lot of blood is pouring out of the hole. 


I was incredibly lucky though as there just so happened to be a man aimlessly walking around (???) in the desert out there, I was able to get someone to meet me out at the closest paved road and take me to the ER.


Here's a pic of the damage in case anyone wants to see the inside of someone's hand:

(Don't click if you get queasy easily!)

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I was out on the trails with my son and I was leading the way...came to a part in the trail that I'd been through already that day...super harmless except for the hidden grass covered rut that washed out my front end...down I went...landed super hard! I'm hurt like hell! :p Got back home, settled in, could barely walk...felt like I crushed my entire right side...over a week later, I am black and blue, but still able to get on the bike....which by the way was undamaged in the fall. 

This summer I was doing around 45 down a fire road fallowing by buddy on a little 250 quad . He came in to a turn too quick and slid into the ditch hitting a tree with his from right tire . He went flying in the air and his quad flipped in to the middle of the road . I was not far behind him came in to the corner to see him flying threw the air . I hit brakes trying to slide the bike sideways and avoid him . Well sliding / braking hit a rut and went for a super man dive . He was fine but totaled his quad and I broke my wrist but my bike was fine besides a bent radiator . Moral of the story don't fallow your buddy on a quad to close !

I accidentally rode off a mountain.

I was riding jeep trails in New Mexico with my cousin, he's not as experienced as me and I move a bit faster than him so I look back occasionally. I was goin along at a brisk pace and I looked back a little after turning a corner I saw him and as I was turning back around and right as I did my front tire hit a rather large rock changing my direction and I went off. Barely went off but still a blood pumper. ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1446095993.654049.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1446096030.644653.jpg

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