Your worst fail ever on your WR

Thx for The input guys, I hate to here about some of these but I'm glad y'all are still ridding. I'm not ridding at all this winter and I'm just gonna wait till the spring.

So far, I've only lost balance a little while slow riding practice on undulating terrain and cracked the throttle nearly looping it. And I've loaded up the rear suspension in a bad way and ball checked myself something fierce.

My biggest fail was selling it...


At least it was to a good friend. I can still see it.


Now I have to buy a '16. Oh well.

I didn't do it, but it was done to my WR. Long time ago a new tech at the shop did an oil change (I was busy moving, bike in limbo between new garage, no buddies could do it, I had a gift cert to the was the perfect storm) and put in waaaaay too much. Closed it back up. Noticed oil on the cases, and upon inspection discovered there was about 900 frickin' gallons of lube in the Yamaha.


Tech fired. Lesson learned that I shouldn't trust my bikes to anyone even if it's a free service.

Riding on my own doing slow wheelies on pavement,up n over goes the bike fractured wrist,rode home n straight to doctors for a cast ,moral is only do it on dirt if have to n cover rear brake n clutch

Wanting to plate my WR400 in Nevada, I needed a VIN inspection at the Las Vegas DMV.  

The DMV guy looks at my tires (it's a VIN inspection, not a tire inspection) and he refuses to go any further because they're not DOT tires.  

I made up several reasons on the spot, none of which did any good.  


Truck the bike back to my buddy's house a few miles away, and he gets a bright idea. (DMV closes in 30 minutes)

Pull the wheels of off his XR650 and stick them on my bike.  The whole wheels, front and rear.   Not a tire swap, that would have taken too long.  

Run any axle that fits through, and spin a nut on the end.  You can't RIDE the bike- can't hook up brakes or the chain, but it now has DOT tires on it.  The letter of the law.


Load the bike back up and truck it to the DMV where they do another tire inspection and then pass me.  (Never did look at the VIN at all!) 

Then I truck the bike back to my buddy's house to do the wheel swap again.   


Here it comes.   Unloading the bike with no chain and no brakes- since nothing is hooked up, I warn him to get behind the bike in case it starts to roll away.  

He stands on the right side and grabs the bike, and I start rolling it backwards.  It starts down the ramp, and I can't hold it, While trying to slow or stop the bike with no brakes or chain hooked up, my foot slips through the hole in the ATV ramp we're using to unload.  


I fall over backwards as my leg goes into the ramp knee deep, and my leg leverages me to a stop just before I hit the ground.

On the way down, I remember thinking how much this was gonna hurt when that leg snapped in half.  All the while the bike is falling over on top of me.  


My leg didn't break- HUGE surprise to me.  I had a terrible bleeding gash on my knee, but was otherwise fine.  

Wheel swap done, bike registered, and I bought a second bike loading ramp, so I have 2 now.. one for the bike and one for me to walk on, with holes too small for my foot to fit through.  And I'll never unload a bike with his ATV ramp again.

I tried one of those wide rung ramps once, ONCE lol


My worst, just got the bike, which had a Rekluse in it when I got it. Wanted to get a feel for the suspension before dropping it off to get it set up to me. Warming it up, carb was a little dirty so I put it in gear and blipped the throttle slightly to make sure it was warm enough not to fall on its face, didn't have good enough hold on the brake. So while I was standing next to it, it took off when my finger slipped off the brake and pulled me down on a sharp rock which pushed my knee pad over and gouged my knee cap. Bled like a stuck pig, but still rode for a couple hours to get a feel for the bike so I oculd drop it off, stitched up later lol

Okay, well I finally fell off it





I wanted to shorten that clutch lever anyway!

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