WOW Stegs Pegz

I went from a 1999 WR400 (still running strong) to a 2012 WR450. I have had a hard time standing on this bike comfortably, until today. I installed Stegs Pegz and the difference they make is incredible. I can now grip the bike with my lower legs. So much so that when standing I almost feel like I can ride no handed. So far I have added the Pro Taper Suzuki Mini high bars and it didn't help much. Tomorrow I have the Fastways F3 pegs coming. Hopefully the extra 1/2 will get me right where I feel completely comfortable standing.  I just wanted to give this product two thumbs up.


2012 WR450

1999 Wr400

Race Type: Hare Scrambles

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Were you wearing over the boot riding gear?

No, but I could see where it might wear a hole in that type pant. It pushes into your boot at top of calf. 

I've got klim otb pants they are really durable but idk if they would grip

I've got klim otb pants they are really durable but idk if they would grip

I've got Klim OTB pants and would like to try the Stegz. I emailed Stegz in Australia and they suggested that I use the "standard" Stegz pegz [rather than the Desert King] with an additional puck [ 2 pucks on each side]. Stegz has had some feedback that OTB pants seem to work OK. So I'll most likely go with 2 pucks and see how it works.

Sweet ill have to check them out!!

Picture attached. Pegz with Fastway F3 Lowboy foot pegs. Feels so much better.


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