VMC practice 2/22 ?

Me and a couple of bud's will be at VMC Friday for a little moto fun. It would be great to meet some of you guys if you can get out there.

Grey F-250 crue cab w/ 2 426's and 1 450( we may kick him out along the way though) :)

I might go there Saturday instead of HV MX,how long does it take to get there. :)


I'll be out there at about 9:00am with some friends. I'll have my red Ford F-250 extra cab with a blue utility trailer behind it. I'll have my 426 with white #44 on black backgrounds.



It was a pleasure meeting you and your buddies.....even the Hondog freak!!!! I'm especially glad that you guys liked the track since you drove for a while to get there. It was a beautiful day, both weather and riding.

When I got home and stowed the trailer, I realized that I went through 3 1/2 gallons of gas. No wonder my body feels like hammered road kill dog meat!!! Hopefully we can hook up again and do some more riding soon.



How about VMC again on Friday, 03-08-02???


Man, I drove bye VMC Friday about noonish headin back to Vegas from Anaheim (disney trip), I saw some of you guys on the track. The weather was great that day, wish I could've ridden.

Hey Rich,

It was a great day!! You should have stopped by and said hi. When are you gonna come back down this way?? I'll know if I'll be having weekends this coming week.


I know, I wanted to but I had the entire clan (to include mom and step-dad) with me and they were in a hurry to get back to Vegas. We were running a little late cause I spent too much time and money (as I'm told) at Chaparral . :)

I ran into some guys today up at mesquite that said they're thinking about rolling to cali next weekend, either VMC or Sunrise. I promptly informed them of your post about Sunrise being out of comission. Anyway, if I come down, I was wanting to ride with you and some of the boys again, and Friday's are out of the question for me right now. Let me know about the possible schedule change.

On a more somber note, I'm kinda bummed right now as I took the kid down the block to the track with me today and he broke his wrist and cut his chin pretty bad. He said the throttle stuck w/o. I know his dad had worked on it this morning. The worst part is it was an hour drive to get him back here in Vegas. Oh well what's a guy gonna do?



Yes, it was great to meet you. It's fun to put a face with some of these names. We really enjoyed the track, didn't enjoy the drive home though. 3/08...let me talk w/ the group and see, cause, I would really like to start jumping some of those doubles this time. :) I'll post later if we plan on going. :D


It would be great if you guys could make it up there again. I know the drive is a pain for you but RichB came down from Vegas one day to ride!! Probably took about the same amount of time to make it home!! Let me know if you decide to make it again....it would be cool to see you guys do the doubles.


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