Steering dampner

Hey guys who is running a steering dampner on there 2012 and newer wr?

If so which brand and how do you like it?

All dirt bikes need a steering damper if you want to have any fun in the sand or go fast.


Scotts damper is the best.

I run a Scotts.  It offers both normal and high speed damping control adjustment (the latter is for stuff that really hits the wheel hard, trying to turn it either way, as compared to the more normal damping), and it can be adjusted for "sweep" (how far out from center the damping runs. The dirt bike dampers also act only against sudden moves out from center, allowing the unrestricted return of the wheel to its proper place.  It is user serviceable, rebuildable, and Scotts' customer service is top notch.


The best thing about it is that you can't feel it doing anything.  It doesn't fight you or offer any resistance that you can detect, and you may be disappointed at first, thinking you haven't accomplished anything.  In that case, ride it 4 times and then unbolt it from the bike and ride it again.  You'll be back at the truck in under a half hour to reinstall it. 


Apart from just making the ride safer, you'll find it helps you relax more, and you'll tire less because of it.

Do you guys purchase right from Scott's website?

I bought mine used and damaged, and fixed it myself back in early '05.  This is the second bike it's been on. 

I bought mine new from BRP with a under mount top triple clamp for my DRZ435S then moved it to my YZ400F with just a new top bar clamp. Now it is going on my 2013 WR450F but I haven't decided to change the top triple clamp or just a new top bar clamp. I am leaning to the new top bar clamp since I am only 5'9" with a 30" inseam & short legs. I fear if I go with an under mount again it might be too high.

I've used GPR V4 dirt stabilizer, under the bar mount, and was happy with it. Most riding here is singletrack and not as open as the west coast. But when I was heavy on the throttle I appreciated no tank slap issues. Have had way too many of those, and that's the main reason I bought it !

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What gray said, exactly. With the bike on the stand, you don't really feel it doing much - that's not what it's designed for. Rolling across smooth ground, it doesn't do much (unless you get into a tank slapper, which it'll prevent). But when conditions get rough, or in the sand or going fast, like Krannie said, you will really notice it. Instead of all the angular deflection to the front end caused by tons of little off-center hits to the front wheel making you constantly correct with your body and arms, the damper absorbs almost all of those movements and the forces are sent through the chassis and suspension. So instead of the bike getting all squirelly and unsettled, it just takes it, holds the line, and helps you conserve energy. Can't recommend it enough.

On top of all that, as mentioned, Scotts customer service is outstanding. He spent over 20 minutes on the phone patiently explaining stuff to me and offering advice about triple clamp offsets, bike set up, and so forth. I bought directly from them, highly recommended.

Running a Scotts above bar

I have a Scotts sitting around, and when I bought handguards that replaced the top bar clamp I got the one with a Scotts mount. I still need to pick up the frame mount, though. Then again, my bike is a supermoto so geometry is very different.

One of my favorite features of a steering damper is 'fatigue control'.....when you know you are going to have a really long ride, you can dial the steering damper in and completely relax your upper body for fire roads and sand (sitting down). 


It's almost like riding with no hands.


6 clicks out from full hard on a Scotts, and you can ride with one hand......

8 clicks and you can still just barely lean turn

10 clicks and it feels like it's off....until you go to 14 clicks, and the bike flops around....

How long does a typical install take? For a sub mount.

However long it takes you to remove the upper triple clamp, install the frame mount, clean and re-grease as much as you can while you're in there (might as well), and put it back together.   A few minutes longer perhaps with the sub-mount versus the top mount.  All in all, probably about an hour of work.

The WR frames usually require some grinding to get the frame stem piece to fit plumb.


This is clearly outlined in the instructions.

My GPR v4 dirt sub-mount required no grinding of the frame to install. Install took me 40 minutes, including regreasing steering stem bearings. Installation instructions are straight forward, and I had absolutely no problems after one year of having it on one of my bikes.

But maybe the Scott's is slightly different. I would recommend to call them & confirm if grinding is required. If so, that makes me slightly uneasy !

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