How to identifity KYB SSS fork

Need help!

I want to buy modern SSS fork and put to my steely YZ450F. I found hundreds  05+ yz125/yz250/yz250f/yz450f forks on ebay. How i can be sure that is SSS fork or not? They look the same.


Bronze colored top cap outer ring, not silver.

Recessed top, not flush and protruding.



Now the question becomes how to tell them from an '05 AOSS fork.

The '05 top caps were identical but raw aluminum around the outside, no the anodized bronze.


I hope a suspension pro can help me also.

The former Italian Husqvarna TC TXC 250 300 450 2010-2013 also uses a KYB 48 fork.

The the inner chamber/cartridge and the piston rod is also bronze colored.

Is this also a KYB SSS fork?

If you need more photos pls tell me.

How can I identify a KYB SSS fork exactly? What is difference in the inside of the cartridge? There are pictures?






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Yes it is.

you must get 06 + to get the SSS fork, the 08 forks are not easily compatible with the 07 and earlier bike as the lugs are different spacing for the wheel and the brake caliper mount hole spacing changes also

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