2004 yz450f jumped timing wrecked top end.

Hi everybody its my first post on thumpertalk and my yz450 jumped timing breaking off a intake valve and exhaust valve.My question is what would make the timing chain go bad so quickly? I had the bike apart 15 hours ago (3 oil changes ago) and the timing chain looked perfect and felt great, no kinks etc. I thought maybe my tensioner went bad but it seems to be working fine and now i need to buy a whole top end just because of a 30$ part that went bad.

Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks

Ouch sorry it's happened to all of us. The chains do go bad over time.

Also look at the gears on the cams and crank to see if their worn and that's why it skipped.

There's many here that can anwser your questions, good luck in your rebuild.

Yeah. Thanks for the tip billy. Looks like im gonna buy a heavy duty timing chain so this doesnt happen again anytime soon.

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