That's too bad. I did not even know there was such things as "sand huggers". I was just at the dunes 4 days ago for the first time. A real treat for anyone who loves off road riding. The only thing the conservationists have going in their favor are the bone heads who were leaving trash and beer cans all over the place. That was a real shame. If that kind of behavior keeps up, the dunes will sure to be closed down for off road cycles/vehicles. You would think that anyone who loved the dunes would take better care of them. If the trash was removed, the wind would reshape any small trace a bike/quad/sandrail would leave behind...... then we would have a argument. Until then, the loosers who are littering will make the rest of us suffer.


Thanks for the is very interesting that a woman mentioned in the news article, Karen Schambach, also claims to represent an environmental group up here in No. Cal., she/they have been fighting to close an OHV area in the El Dorado National Forrest. They have been filing one lawsuit after another against the Forrest Service for 15 years now!!!

I urge everyone to go to the WR400/WR426 discussion board and check out two posts:

"California Riders - Can You Help"

and "Attention California Riders"

We have been trying to get people involved

in helping to save our sport. The California

Off-Highway Vehicle Commission is being taken over by environmentalist, one Commissioner, working with the woman mentioned above is actually sueing the Forrest Service to shutdown OHV areas.

Please check out the posts mentioned above, if you want to have someplace to ride in the future you better get involved.


(Pass this information and these posts on to any interested groups, we need help getting the current vacancies on the commission filled with OHV friendly individuals)

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