Clutch Basket Question

While riding last week-end, one of the guys mentioned that he had had a problem with his stock clutch basket and had to replace it. He suggested I do the same to be proactive and prevent problems. So far I haven't had any clutch problems. I am planning some down time on my bike in the near future to install a new flywheel weight and Ty Davis hot start system. That would be a good time to do it. I would like to get some other opinions first though. Thanks in advance, Paul M.

Check the fingers of the basket visually for any grooves on the face of the fingers. If there are then chances are your clutch probably doesn't engage smoothly like it used to. These bikes are much easier on the clutch than a 2 stroke due to smooth (and strong) power delivery. Only if you abuse the clutch by revving it up and dumping it does this normally happen, but it will eventually.

pmaust, I've had my 2000 WR400 for over a year now and have had zero clutch problems or any problem for that matter( knock on wood ). I hear the 2000 YZ426's had some clutch problems though. Are you running the YZ or WR.

Aftershock, good to hear from you again! I have a 00WR400. Like you, so far I haven't had any problems. Thats why i'm trying to get some other views. Did you get to race Shasta? Thanks.

Bonez34, thanks i'll check.

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Don't plan on any down time for the Hot start installation. It took me less than 30 minutes and I stopped for a beer in the middle! BTY it works great! Just my .02

pmaust, are you thinking of a heaver weight becouse of stalling problems? Yes, I made it to Shasta. The weather was purfect. The loop was 22 miles and the C class did two laps . It was a fast course with 3 or 4 river crossings one was fairly deep :) I was doing pretty good until I hit a bolder in the last creak crossing only about a mile from the finish. Luckly the bike had enough momemtum to land on the other side out of the water, I on the other hand was drenched :D. the bike fared well with only a slight ding to the front rim ( man these bikes are tough) I finished 15th. Doug

Doug, one of the guys that I have been riding with lately has a heavier flywheel weight and he swears by it. It does help reduce stalling but doesn't seem to hurt the performance of the bike in any way. So I think I will give it a try. Last week end I stalled it in the middle of a stream. :D Luckily it wasn't too deep and I jumped off and pushed it out. Got soaked. Of course there were five guys on the other side laughing their ass's off. :) I think I just got too relaxed and careless. Sounds like you did pretty good at Shasta. I can't race right now because of my work schedule but am trying to get practice in. God knows I need it. Still trying to get into shape too. I'm getting better but still have a lot of work to do. Monty and the other guys that I have been riding with are all good riders so I think it is helping me to improve. Take care, Paul

Let us know how the fly weight goes. I saw the pics Mike in Roseville posted, what a motly looking crue :) . Where is Elkins flat? I'd like to make at least one of you guys next adventure. I'm heading to Diego the 18th for a week. I'll be doing some riding in pine and McCaine Vally. Just a little heads up when installing the Hot Start. Put the hose on the fitting and loctite the threads. Screw the fitting into the carb until snug than back off and line up the mark on the fitting to approx 7 'clock. Then blow through the hose while rotating the fitting slightly to reach best air flow. It will be a little loose but will tighten when cured. Good luck. Doug

My clutch basket blew up after 20 hours on the bike. my bike is a 1998 I have heard they have beefed up the clutch baskets in 99.

but it was a nightmre, I had to split the cases to get the debris out.

150 bucks buys a new stronger billet basket.

[Paul, I installed a 7 oz. flywheel weight from Baja Design, and it made slow tight riding much easier. I can ride in 2nd or 3rd and lug if I have to. I was hating my 99 when I first rode it stock. I also called the guy who makes the weights for Baja Design, and he was going to possibly make a 10oz weight for the WR. He said a 7oz is all that would fit because of the design. I would try to find out if anyone has tried a 10oz weight. It might be better. Ron S

Ron, it looks like Terry Cable makes a 12oz for the WR. I believe that Monty said he was using a 12oz as well. I was planning on going with the heavier weight. Almost all of the riding I am doing now is in the tight more technical stuff. It would be interesting to get some more user experiences from folks who ride some motocross, desert, and woods. It seems to me that if you did some motocross the heavier flywheel weight might be problematic on jump landings and such as a result of engine braking. With my lower gearing, my bike has plenty of pull. Therefore, the only problem I am really addressing is stall reduction.

Doug, I don't know exactly where Elkins Flat is but we staged from an area south of Placerville and just a little north of highway 49. It wasn't too far from Placerville. We actually exited on Missouri Flats road off of highway 50 and took back streets from there. I was blindly following the other guys in unfamiliar territory. Don't think I could find my way back without directions myself. :) Thanks for the Hot Start installation tip. Have fun down south. Paul

Paul, You said Monty is using a 12oz weight? I would like to know how he likes it. Do you know if it is on a WR, stock timing? I like the 7oz one, but heavier may be better. Thanks, Ron

Ron, I just put on the 10oz weight last weekend. I'm going riding tomorrow for the first time with it, so I'll post my observations on Monday.

I'm riding a WR timed 99, and added the weight to reduce stalling in the tight stuff which is about 2/3 of what we ride up here.


As soon as I get my 12oz. installed and riden i'll write back with my experiences. I ordered it directly from Terrycable. Can't wait to try it! :)

Ron hi

monty this end,the 12oz flywheel works geart i have been running it since my bike was new also run the 13tooth frt, love it.

ps it seems to make starting easier also.


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