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Hey guys. First post. Im going later today to look at/bring home a 98 wr400. Looks good, anything other than the obvious I need to look for? I figured for a clean bike under $1k I really cant go wrong. Runs great just has no use for it. Its going to do mainly street duty. What wheels have you guys used? I'm looking to keep this as cheap as possible. Ive read that some cbr and drz wheels work? Are there any 17s that fit just right besides the SM wheels?

As far as SM wheels go, cheapest I have seen a new set go for is 699. Anywhere cheaper than that?

Cheap speedo/tachs? What's everyone using?

Trailtech Vapor is probably the most common gauge. I'd watch CL for used wheels.

I have the trail tech endurance 2 and love it. Nothing fancy, odo, top speed, and trip. But gets the job done and is easy to install.

Cool. The trailtech stuff is great! I had never looked into the prices until recently. Very reasonable. 


So I just got off the phone with Yamaha, they are sending me a letter I can use to get the street title. All I should have to do is walk in with a bill of sale and viola! 





One thing, I was under the impression that only the 400 was out in 98, and that the 426 was the next generation. I was just told by yamaha that my bike is a 1998 WR426F. I didn't think they were made until later on? I though it seemed a bit peppy... lol




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That is strange, I didn't think there was any overlap in displacements. You're sure it's a 98?

Yes. I ran the VIN myself and Yamaha ran the vin as well. I told them it was a 400, they told me I was wrong and it was a 426. 


Believe me I'm just as confused as you are lol

Yes. I ran the VIN myself and Yamaha ran the vin as well. I told them it was a 400, they told me I was wrong and it was a 426. 


Believe me I'm just as confused as you are lol


Weird...I wonder if there was ever a frame swap sometime during the bikes life. I have a 2000 wr400 and thought the 426 started in 2001.

That is what I thought about release dates too. I'm not sure? Even if the frame was swapped it would have to be a 98 frame as the VIN on the frame specifically designates it as a 98 as confirmed via Yamaha. And also a 426 according to Yamaha. It's weird.

What if it's from outside of the US? I'm sure release dates where different in Mexico or Canada maybe?

Oh well I'm not too worried about it. It's on it's way to be titled and it runs great so I have nothing to complain about for the price I paid. It would still be nice to know what the hell is going on with it though.

What state do you live in?.....will you need blinkers, front & rear brake light, horn, key switch, kickstand. etc to be road legal?

If not, and you live in a state that is really lenient like New Hampshire, you are all set

If you do need this stuff, you are looking at about $500 for a Baja Kit conversion or something similar


My experience on the Baja Kit and conversions is that its a fair ammount of money And time

Do it to the exact bike you want, otherwise you sell it in a year and have to repeat the process

....like a newer WR450 with electric start

I'm in ohio. It's quite lenient here. I actually have all of the electricals laying around except the instrument gauges. I'll probably go with a trailtech unit. They are priced much better than what I was anticipating.

The only thing I'm really concerned about is the wheels. I'm not about to drop another 500 dineros on some. My pocket change is going to rebuilding my street bike.

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